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The standard prospecting procedure goes like this: make some educated guesses about your ideal customer, fill the funnel with as many names as possible, and let sales and marketing find out which ones are viable. But what if, by understanding past customer success, you could prospect to people with characteristics in common with your best customers? That’s what WE does. We’re data scientists, so you don’t have to be. With predictive analysis and modeling, we find new high-net-wealth prospects by deepening the data for your best existing customers or donors. You’ll be able to predict how much they’ll spend, invest or donate, and when they’re likely to do it. It’s data, but it’s science – hundreds of wealth data points and proprietary algorithms. For you, though, it’s the right results. 

“WealthEngine is a fantastic, powerful instrument, like a telescope. Our customer is the top 50% of the top 1% in terms of wealth in the world. WealthEngine gives us insight into the economic power of the consumer, so we can find this exclusive group. WealthEngine gives us insight on who our customers are, and it’s our job to create the message they will respond to.”

We wanted to learn more about our donors and constituents, so we invested in a database screening that would also allow us to identify duplicate records and flag relationships between data in the various databases.

“We knew it would be helpful to have the wealth information to help us qualify leads in real time. But the unexpected bonus is gaining the granular level of insight that enables us to build trips to fit who our prospects are as people.”

“Over the life of our Making History campaign, we have added over 14,000 prospects. Of these, 9,000 have been donors to the campaign. In aggregate these new pool prospects have made campaign commitments of $600 million.”

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