Fill in the Gaps

You need to know more about your customers and prospects, and that means a complete, accurate, and demographic-rich contact database. To fill in those gaps, WE supplements and deepens your data records. WE Screen helps you find, segment, and prioritize prospects, and then our proprietary wealth scores and ratings make it easy to focus on the right ones. 

Real-Time Data Append

On Demand Screening gives fundraisers and marketers the ability to personalize outreach, qualify leads, and maximize opportunities by providing the wealth of individuals as they interact with an organization’s websites in real-time.


WE Enhanced Screen

Supercharge your screening with enhanced ratings and scores to give you transformational insight on your donors and prospects, so you can build high-powered fundraising and outreach strategies.

Planned Giving



Major Gift



Likelihood To Give



Next Ask Amount




“Over the life of our Making History campaign, we have added over 14,000 prospects. Of these, 9,000 have been donors to the campaign. In aggregate these new pool prospects have made campaign commitments of $600 million.”

“Overall, our ROI from prospect research these past three years is 2,766%. It may seem like an incredible number, but it’s one that shows the power of prospect research and the true potential that exists when coupled with a well-functioning, aggressive fundraising program.”

We wanted to learn more about our donors and constituents, so we invested in a database screening that would also allow us to identify duplicate records and flag relationships between data in the various databases.

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