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Any sales professional worth their salt will tell you that a warm introduction to a well-qualified individual is worth a thousand cold leads.  Making connections is what drives growth for businesses and nonprofits, so amplify the value of your database by tapping into their connections and social network. WE Circle of Friends, accessible through The WealthEngine Platform, gives you access to an exponentially broader network, with visibility into the social, professional and philanthropic connections of your customers and prospects.

WealthEngine’s Circle of Friends Analytics has helped to make us aware of many potential new friends. It helped our best, most enthusiastic supporters realize that they had even more contacts that could help the charity than they had realized.

“Overall, our ROI from prospect research these past three years is 2,766%. It may seem like an incredible number, but it’s one that shows the power of prospect research and the true potential that exists when coupled with a well-functioning, aggressive fundraising program.”

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