The WealthEngine Platform leads the market in delivering the best wealth intelligence and prospect research. When you’re using The WealthEngine Platform, you’re finally getting the insights you need to find, understand and engage wealthy prospects.



Enrich your data records with our wealth scores and ratings, and providing the most up-to-date contact and demographic information about your contacts.


WE Prospect offers a simple way to find, understand, and contact wealthy prospects with a high chance of conversion, based on wealth and affinity. Available as part of the WealthEngine and Salesforce platforms, WE Prospect makes brings power of prospect generation directly into your sales and marketing workflow.



WE Analyze is a predictive lead scoring and analytics platform built for consumer marketers, wealth managers and fundraisers who want deep, actionable insight into their audiences so they can quickly and easily identify their best prospects. Our point-and-click, web-based solution harnesses WE’s 300+ million consumer profiles and 1,500 attributes to let you discover what makes your audience tick.

Circle of Friends

A warm introduction to a well-qualified individual is worth a thousand cold leads. Amplify the value of your database by tapping into their connections and social network with WE Circle of Friends.



WE know your Donor Management System (DMS) or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) environment is at the heart of your data management strategy – and these technology platforms vary widely – that’s why WE partners closely with the leading providers to develop simple and effective integrations. The result – you don’t compromise on Wleath Intelligence to get the DMS or CRM you want.

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For more than two decades, WealthEngine has provided wealth intelligence solutions to help fundraising, marketing and business development professionals create strategies to extend their reach and build their prospect pipeline.

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