It starts with our mission-to help you know more – much more about your customers and prospects. So every day WE searches for the best data sources out there, and WE integrates and normalizes those data sources. And what we’ve created is the world’s most thorough and accurate wealth intelligence platform. But WE knows that more data doesn’t mean better insight. So WE uses intricate data science to look through all that data and pull out meaningful insight about wealth, lifestyle and affinity. WE makes it easy to access our proprietary insight, WE delivers it in a useful context, and WE integrates with every major DMS and CRM. Our customers can see so much more about their own customers, and they can use that information to focus on the audience most likely to engage. 

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For more than two decades, WealthEngine has provided wealth intelligence solutions to help fundraising, marketing and business development professionals create strategies to extend their reach and build their prospect pipeline.

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