A Private Liberal Arts University

Over 400 Major Gift Prospects Identified After One Screening

A private liberal arts university was looking to screen prospects in order to increase donations from the $400-450 million range to $500 million. They utilized WealthEngine to identify new prospects with a high capacity to give who had not yet been approached for a major gift. 


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The Goal

They needed to screen their constituents to identify their propensity and capacity to give, hoping to get to their campaign goal of $500 million. They wanted to focus on qualifying prospects so that gift officers were meeting with donors who were highly likely to continue a relationship with their institution.

WealthEngine's Solution

WealthEngine helped the university rank 500 prospects by using peer screenings and interviews, of which more than 300 participated. Throughout this process, another 185 were removed from the list entirely. The collected data was then used to compile donors into categories based on giving capacity.

Their Result

By using WealthEngine’s wealth and hard asset screening results, this private liberal arts university was able to find more than 400 major gift-giving prospects.

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