Roanoke College

Over 20,000 Prospects Screened

Roanoke College is a liberal arts college in Virginia with a $143.6M endowment. They were looking to increase efficiency by routinely screening donor lists in order to keep everything up to date. By working with WealthEngine, they were able to identify the individuals with promising P2G (Propensity to Give) and giving capacity scores.

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The Goal

Roanoke College was looking to create an effective screening process in order to build new workflows for special events, freshman targeting, quick updates, new campaigns, and reporting. This would allow them to target the right donors that were reflected in their database.

WealthEngine's Solution

Roanoke College integrated WealthEngine screening data into Colleague Advancement, creating a seamless integration and batch screening process that could be employed completely within their donor management system. Development officers could now access the screening data and view a prospect’s hard asset information, including analytics scores.

Their Result

With WealthEngine’s integration, Roanoke was not only receiving fresh data and building new workflows, but was also able to screen over 20,000 prospects.

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