Midwestern Liberal Arts College

Over 100 New Prospects Identified

A small Midwestern liberal arts college with 1500 students was looking to perform better wealth screenings and identify new prospects to nurture for bequest or estate donations. Using WealthEngine’s Planned Giving Model, they were able to find the right donors in their database.

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The Goal

The Midwestern college needed to nurture new prospects for their planned giving fund. They wanted to qualify the individuals in their database by looking at their propensity and capacity for bequest or estate donations. 

WealthEngine's Solution

The college used WealthEngine’s Planned Giving Model to identify the right individuals in their database, building a report on the ability ratings and the location of these new prospects. This allowed the team to be more regionally focused and provided better data-driven prioritization.

Their Result

The Planned Giving Model allowed the college to identify 124 new prospects qualified for potential bequest or estate donations. This enabled their small team to hone in on the right donors and achieve their overall campaign goals.

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