WealthEngine is the premier wealth intelligence platform for fundraisers. Below are some key differentiators to consider when evaluating WealthEngine versus other providers.

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Data Sources
Checkmark 45+
27 13 10
U.S. Data Coverage
Checkmark ~90% of U.S. Popultaion
Partial Partial Partial
Checkmark 35+
21 2 12
Ratings & Scores
Checkmark 16
6 9 13
Certified Salesforce Partner
Checkmark Seamless Integration Providing Users Direct Access to 45+ WE Data Elements and Wealth Ratings and Scores
Checkmark Checkmark
Prospecting Capabilities
Checkmark Ultra-Segmented Lists Created from 1500+ Consumer Attributes
Checkmark Unlimited Search Functionality on 240M+ Profiles
Nationwide Search
Checkmark Gain Additional Insight by Conducting Nationwide Searches
Self-Service Analytics & Modeling
Checkmark Intuitive, Point-and-Click Tool to Analyze Segments and Find New Like Your Best
On Demand Screening
Checkmark Real-Time Integration of WE Data within Your Web Forms
Batch Screening
Checkmark Bulk Screening Providing Consumer Ratings & Scores
Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark
Relationship Mapping
Checkmark Breakdown of Additional Prospects Connected to the People You Know
Checkmark Checkmark
Checkmark Self-Service API to Integrate WE Directly Into Your System
Data Security
Checkmark Independently Audited and SOC 2 Certified
Checkmark Checkmark
Custom Modeling
Checkmark Predictive Models Built to Fit Your Organization and Power Your Fundraising or Marketing Efforts

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