What if you could look up wealth information about customers, donors and prospects in real-time for fundraising and marketing in a streamlined and automated way?

Sounds difficult, but we promise you it’s not. You really can get this information quickly, allowing you to take immediate action so you’re not missing out on valuable opportunities. 

Every day, millions of transactions happen that depend on someone’s lifestyle habits or their capacity to donate, spend or invest. Understanding an individual’s wealth enables you to personalize your offers and calls to action across any channel – website, email, registration forms, call center routing, and direct mail.

The WE API is key to gaining this insight in real-time and we invite to learn more about it. Whether you’re small nonprofit or a large retail organization, our API can provide you with the information you need to improve your fundraising and marketing strategies. 

Of course we can tell you how easy it is but we’d really like to show you. Join us for our webinar so we can show you how the WE API can transform your engagement strategies and streamline your processes. Better yet, Funraise, a WE client, will provide a first-hand account of how they’re using the WE API to enable nonprofits with the capability to conduct real-time screenings. 

Let our API experts reinforce how easy it is. They’ll cover what an API is and the key components that will allow you to increases ease and productivity.

Register now for Accessing Wealth Data in Real-Time Through an API: It's Not as Difficult As You Might Think.


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