A critical component to an annual fund is your case for support. Are you presenting a clear, intriguing case for support that is likely to result in donations? If not, you’re leaving money on the table, money that could be used to support your mission.

How confident are you in your ask amounts? Don’t guess. Use data to determine what the appropriate ask is.

We developed The Data-Driven Annual Fund to help organization with data understanding and use; strategies for segmentation, solicitation and stewardship of donors and prospects; and measuring and analyzing fundraising ROI and other key metrics.

Part 2: Solicitation and Stewardship discusses what to do once your annual fund plan is in place and how to maximize the solicitation process. It covers multi-channel solicitation strategies and techniques, case-for-support and ask amounts. Examples and templates are provided so can get started right away.

Download The Data-Driven Annual Fund Part 2: Solicitation and Stewardship.

In case you missed it, download Part 1: The Building Blocks.

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