There are currently almost 15 million millionaires in the United States. There’s an expected 10 million new luxury consumers each year.

You do the math.

There’s a vast audience of potential customers but not everyone has the same capacity and affinity to buy your products and services. That’s the hard part. Best of breed luxury marketers learn about their current customers and build a look-alike target audiences.

By working with luxury brands, big and small, we’ve built a strategy that works. Learn more about our 3 ‘Must Know” Tips {link} to target your highest potential customers.

Success with email campaigns is not based on execution alone, it is based on strategy. WealthEngine can help you uncover your best customers, build the audience, and influence them with an effective email campaign

Tip 1: Find

Not big data, relevant data: Use data to learn more about your current customers and build an audience of high potential prospects. By understanding their wealth, lifestyle, business, and behavioral attributes, you can hyper target those with the highest affinity to buy your products & services. Stop the guesswork.

Tip 2: Engage

Get personal: Leverage insights to personalize and engage your audience. Remember that not all are created equal. Make sure to segment your customers and prospects and customize your messaging to increase your efficiency and effectiveness of your outreach. Speak directly to them and they will become your loyal brand ambassadors.

Tip 3: Influence

Be heard, not just seen: We all know that it is imperative that you take an integrated approach with your messaging. Although, email should remain a key component in your omni-channel strategy. Educate, show the value of your product, and avoid the noise.

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