Money In Motion – Find It, Capture It for Your Retail Bank

Money In Motion – Find It, Capture It for Your Retail Bank

November 6, 2019

Money In Motion

You spend a lot of money acquiring new customers, yet 25% will churn within the first 12 months, and 50% of those will churn in the first 90 days.

By adding just one additional financial product to your customers’ portfolios, you increase retention, protect your client acquisition investment, and build lasting relationships. The challenge is knowing what they’ll buy next so you can personalize your customer journey.

That’s what WealthEngine does. It helps you know your customer in ways you never thought possible. It helps you capture money in motion. Here’s how.

How to Find Money In Motion

Meet Wendy, she’s a wealthy earner not done yet. Her financial journey begins with her first job, her first car, saving for retirement. As Wendy grows, her banking needs change. She marries Henry – a high earner not rich yet – and they start to invest, they buy a bigger house, start a business, and inherit wealth.

find money in motion

WealthEngine’s data and analytics help you find the Wendys and Henrys based on the financial product they need and when they need it.

Marketing Strategies to Capture Money In Motion

Using WealthEngine’s deep data and analysis, your bank can discover insights such as net worth, business ownership, inner circle connections, real estate, lifestyle interests, and much more.

Personalize your marketing campaigns by predicting which financial products your customers and prospects are likely to buy next.

Arm your front line with guided knowledge on what to recommend so they have a better first call with clients and identify the best opportunities to build deeper relationships.

Marketing Campaigns to Increase Lending and Deposits

For example, there are nearly 60 thousand millionaires in the Atlanta metro area. WealthEngine can tell you who doesn’t have a premium credit card, or who owns three or more properties, so you can identify top prospects for your platinum credit card or mortgage products. Adding our data to yours will enable you to take customer segmentation to a completely new level.

Another example: find growing families who need more space and are looking for a bigger home or a new car. They are ideal prospects for lending opportunities.

home loan prospects

Identify business owners or accredited investors who are about to have a liquidity event that will increase their investable assets. They are ideal candidates for increasing deposits with your bank.

Our modeling suite can answer key questions to find money in motion like:

  • How to deepen your share of wallet
  • What next best product to offer
  • Who is at risk of attrition

When you know other factors that are influencing a prospect’s life, you can find money in motion. WealthEngine can provide these insights to you.

Get Wealth Data and Model Results Inside Your CRM

This is all made easy with our integrations. You’ll have a 360 degree view of customers right in your CRM. Our API allows for data appends in real-time so that you always have the most accurate view of your customers.

WealthEngine is helping some of the biggest banks in the US reduce their time to close more business and increase their omnichannel marketing campaign effectiveness. We can help your bank find money in motion and drive a measurable impact on your marketing and customer retention investment.

Catpure Money In Motion

WealthEngine can help you find money in motion. Test drive our platform today to see insights you never thought possible.

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