Mike Lees’ Week in Review: Being a CMO, Big Data in Retail, Marketing Analytics and More

Mike Lees’ Week in Review: Being a CMO, Big Data in Retail, Marketing Analytics and More

Being a CMO means traveling. A lot. Being a 2-continent dad, also means traveling.  A lot. (It also means I write and tweet less!!). Last week was one of those weeks….starting in the UK and then taking me on to the JCK Conference in Las Vegas on Wednesday, where I hosted a panel “Changing the Game: Big Data in Retail”.  The panel’s message was clear….big data’s biggest impact in retail for the foreseeable future will be to support better prediction around which prospects and customers are buyers and which are not!

In between traveling across several time zones, I read about why marketing analytics projects end up failing. I loved it because it played so well to the messages we heard from the customers on our panel.  They succeeded in their projects around predictive prospecting because:

  • They were focused (they were clear that they wanted the data to identify the characteristics of their best customers).
  • Their outputs were simple and consumable ( insights need to drive decisions, not more data and too much analysis).

Why have your projects succeeded? Won’t you join the conversation?

Michael Lees is Chief Marketing Officer at WealthEngine. His “Week in Review” is a weekly round-up of conversations, insights and inspiration he’s discovered around the web. Have something you want him to take a look at and weigh in on? Tweet him @michaeljlees and tag #WECMO.

Want a demo of WealthEngine to see how WE can help you with audience development, marketing personalization and wealth insights? Share your contact information and we’ll be in touch soon.

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