Mike Lees’ Week in Review: 10 CMOs to Watch and How the C-Suite Uses Data Insights

Mike Lees’ Week in Review: 10 CMOs to Watch and How the C-Suite Uses Data Insights

June 22, 2015 wealthadmin

It’s officially summer. For many companies, that’s when things tend to slow down. For us here at WealthEngine, though, we’ve got a lot going on, and I’m excited to share it with you.

Last week, I tweeted the WealthEngine’s list of 10 CMOs to Watch. As a CMO myself, I know how important it is to avoid working within a vacuum and to keep a constant read on the pulse of what is going on within our space. Learning from other marketing leaders like these keeps me inspired and it’s why I encourage the people on my own team to seek out and take advantage of professional opportunities.

I was also tweeting about a big webinar I’m hosting tomorrow with WPP Team Chemistry’s Chief Digital Officer, Bill Evans. While we’ll be talking about some pretty heavy stuff – marketing personalization, data intelligence, digital and privacy – I promise we’ll make it fun. Best of all, you get to pick our brains – for free – during the hour of the webinar. Register for “How the C-Suite Uses Data Intelligence for Audience Development”.

Would love if you would join the conversation.

Michael Lees is Chief Marketing Officer at WealthEngine. His “Week in Review” is a weekly round-up of conversations, insights and inspiration he’s discovered around the web. Have something you want him to take a look at and weigh in on? Tweet him @michaeljlees and tag #WECMO.

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