Concierge Marketing

Just like a good concierge, WE knows your customers. We’ll help you find, understand and contact the prospects with the best potential. How can you be sure? Because we’re the only ones that can build a detailed picture of their wealth, lifestyle and interests. WE can find them, engage them, and keep them interested. Our insight shows how they like to travel, where they’ve been, and what their next destination might be. And, we analyze your best customers’ traits to build an ultra-targeted audience you can reach both online and offline.

Client & Prospect Research

The WealthEngine Platform lets you conduct online, parametric searches on over 300 million profiles and 122 million US households. The system aggregates and normalizes data from over 60 sources to generate a massive repository of proprietary insights. WE Search is the industry’s only unified wealth and lifestyle intelligence database.


Prospect Generation

WE Prospect offers a simple way to find, understand, and contact wealthy prospects with a high chance of conversion, based on wealth and affinity. It’s available for WealthEngine and Salesforce platforms, so it brings the power of prospect generation right into your sales and marketing workflow.

On Demand Screening

On Demand Screening is a solution that integrates your registration or purchase processes with the WealthEngine platform to instantly screen your prospects as they interact with your site.


Beyond Data. Beyond Insights.

Our products are just the start. Our Mission is to help you achieve your sales goals. So we supplement our products with professional services that can get you there.


Analytics & Modeling

WE helps you find prospects and then predict who will give, when they’re most likely to give, and how much they might give. Our data scientists use predictive analytics and modeling to help you:

  • Find more donors
  • Predict giving levels
  • Retain your donor base
  • Grow donor commitment
  • Convert members to donors
  • And even more

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