Define and Engage Ultra-segmented Audiences

Competition is fierce.  There’s one core strategy that will help you succeed. Know your prospect and customer – very well. Using data driven insights based on wealth, lifestyle and consumer behavior, WE empowers you to focus on very specific groups of high net worth customers, allowing you to get the right message to the right audience – in the right channel.

Beyond Data. Beyond Insights.

Our products are just the start. Our mission is for you to achieve your sales and marketing goals so we supplement our products with professional services that can help you get there, whether it’s through analytics, modeling, consulting or marketing.

“WealthEngine is a fantastic, powerful instrument, like a telescope. Our customer is the top 50% of the top 1% in terms of wealth in the world. WealthEngine gives us insight into the economic power of the consumer, so we can find this exclusive group. WealthEngine gives us insight on who our customers are, and it’s our job to create the message they will respond to.”

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