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The Smart Way to Find New Donors

In some ways, you’re luckier than other fundraisers – you already have a base of constituents with affinity for your organization. And this base grows with every graduating class. But it’s not as easy as it sounds, right? Donor potential is strong, but you still need precise insights to reconnect with alumni. That’s where WE comes in – accurate data and insights. We’ll help you understand where to pinpoint your efforts, so you’ll tap into just the right group of potential donors. And, you can find their family and friends, too, expanding your database even further. We’ve already strengthened fundraising for more than 750 universities and colleges just like yours.

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WE Screen takes our proprietary wealth scores and ratings and merges them with your contact data. It also offers optional lifestyle and demographic attributes. Now you know what we know about your contacts’ wealth, income, lifestyle and affinity.

Prospect Research

FindWealth 8 provides online, parametric search on over 300 million individual profiles and 122 million households in the US. Developed by aggregating and normalizing data from over 60 sources to generate a massive repository of proprietary insights, WE Search is the industry’s only unified wealth and lifestyle intelligence database.


Contact Data

No more searching for business and email addresses, phone numbers, and other contact info. WE Contact delivers and integrates it all through FindWealth 8 and its Prospect Generator feature.

On Demand Screening

On Demand Screening is a solution that integrates your registration or purchase processes with the WealthEngine platform to instantly screen your prospects as they interact with your site.


Beyond Data. Beyond Insights.

Our products are just the start. Our Mission is to help you achieve your sales goals. So we supplement our products with professional services that can get you there.


WE Locate

It’s easy to track down lost alumni through WE Locate. Find alumni who have moved, changed their name, or just plain gone missing. With its sophisticated algorithms, WE Locate gives you accurate, actionable contact information by sourcing lots of vendors, and by using our proprietary Loop Analysis tool. Our match rates are the highest in the industry, so you’re sure to improve your outreach.

Data Cleaning

WE Clean detects and corrects inaccurate record elements, gets rid of duplicates and provides even more information about your audience. WE Contact provides WealthEngine Platform users with access to business and/or personal contact information for over 35 million individuals across the US.


Analytics & Modeling

WE helps you find prospects and then predict who will give, when they’re most likely to give, and how much they might give. Our data scientists use predictive analytics and modeling to help you:

  • Find more donors
  • Predict giving levels
  • Retain your donor base
  • Grow donor commitment
  • Convert members to donors
  • And even more

Strategy & Business Consulting

There’s always room for improvement. Our structured approach looks at your entire fundraising and donor acquisition program to find ways you can improve it. You know your company best, so WE works with YOU to find opportunities for better business. Our team will:

  • Assess your existing business processes
  • Identify and assess problems and opportunities
  • Design solutions – analytical, tactical, and operational
  • Implement those solutions through analytics, process design, and campaign design

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