Marketing Technology Q & A with Leo Scott: Ensuring Sound Data Security

Marketing Technology Q & A with Leo Scott: Ensuring Sound Data Security

June 25, 2015

At WealthEngine, we understand that our customers care a lot about understanding data and gleaning the actionable insights necessary to move the needle. We also know that they care a lot about privacy and data security. So does our Chief Technology Officer, Leo Scott.

Recently, Leo took the time to answer questions we’ve heard are top of mind for our customers from a technologist’s point of view. We’re sharing these as a series here on the WealthEngine blog weekly.

This week he’s talking about data security.

Data security is a big deal. What are some steps WealthEngine takes to ensure data security while providing insights and intelligence?

Yes, security is a huge deal at WealthEngine.  We take in our customers’ prospect and customer databases and help them better understand their database of consumers.  Therefore, we have tons of control around handling and storing this sensitive data that we receive.  I would break down our security approach into:

  • Tight processes around the ingestion of the data into our system
  • Tight access control and perimeter control around our system
  • Continual monitoring of the system

We have a variety of checkpoints and processes that anybody in our team that works with client data follows. We are often helping our clients clean and properly structure their data before it can be ingested into our system.

Files follow a strict flow and we track who on the team worked on the file and have things like automatic naming conventions and other tagging systems to ensure the data goes into the right place in our system.  

Once it’s in the system, other than a select number of people on the technology team, who are tightly monitored, only someone with the clients login credentials can access the data.

Our main product operates in data centers and network segments that are separate from the rest of the company’s  systems.  These data centers and networks have 24×7 monitoring and intrusion detection systems watching for any possible suspicious activity.  On an annual basis we have a third party audit of all of our security procedures and system security configuration.

Want a demo of WealthEngine to see how our secure solution can help you with audience development, marketing personalization and wealth insights? Share your contact information and we’ll be in touch soon.

Leo Scott is the Chief Technology Officer at WealthEngine.  As an accomplished business executive who founded a number of startup ventures and has worked with a variety of large public companies, Leo has spent the last 20 years building technologies that harness massive amounts of data and enable businesses and consumers to more easily interact with that data through Internet and mobile technologies.  Over the years, he has maintained a hands-on level of experience with the latest technologies, not only tracking the latest trends and tools, but working to develop a deeper working knowledge of new technologies allowing him to see technical approaches and opportunities in unique ways rarely seen by other individuals.


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