Know Your Customer: LA & NY Millionaires

Know Your Customer: LA & NY Millionaires

July 16, 2018

Nonprofits looking for their next best donor or luxury goods retailers and service providers looking for their next best customer need not only to know their prospects but also to understand what drives them. Personalization is more than the new marketing buzzword. With millionaires becoming more discerning in their preferences, marketers need to ensure that communication and customer experience is tailored to each customer.

Greater personalization means greater relevance, which leads to better engagement, higher conversions and subsequently lowered acquisition costs. All this enabled through high-quality data.

Know your millionaire

Wealth data matters. Financial services organizations, wealth managers and advisors can effectively target prospects if they have wealth data coupled with lifestyle attributes. Similarly, luxury retailers have long benefitted from Account Based Marketing (ABM) and curated experiences based on customer lifestyle data. On the other hand, nonprofits can also benefit greatly from knowing the wealth and the affinities of their potential prospects.

Not all millionaires are created equal. They differ greatly, from age to family size, professions, the types of cars they drive, and in their lifestyles and affinities. For organizations looking to communicate with millionaires in the greater Los Angeles and New York areas, we’ve dug deeper for you!

Our regional millionaire infographics paint a picture of what makes LA millionaires different from ones in NY.

LA Millionaire Infographic

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