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The Secret to Creating Lifelong Donors

Personalization. The more you understand a visitor, ticket buyer, donor, member, volunteer or prospect, the more likely you are to solicit a donation and create a lifelong donor. In today’s world of mass marketing and broad appeals, it’s imperative to cut through the noise with outreach that connects and moves prospects to give.

We know how important it is to cultivate relationships in a strategic and personalized way. With WealthEngine, you can personalize your outreach and engagement with actionable wealth and lifestyle insights that provide a comprehensive picture of every single person in your community.

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Actionable Insights

Quickly discover deep insights about your visitors, ticket buyers, members or donors by searching over 250M unique WE Profiles. Get a comprehensive picture of their wealth, their giving, their lifestyle, and their demographics so that you can create personalized strategies to win their gift.

The Perfect List

Imagine you could easily create and engage with your ideal patron. With WealthEngine, you can. You pick the location, the net worth, and any other of our 1500+ attributes and build a list of your next best prospects. With light switch simplicity, you can find new donors and get their contact information to quickly begin engaging them with a personalized message.


Fill in the Gaps

Don’t waste your time looking up prospects and donors one by one. Get rich and relevant wealth and lifestyle data added to your  records with regular screenings. We take our proprietary wealth scores and lifestyle attributes and merge them with your data. Now you can see a comprehensive picture of your prospect or donors’ wealth, lifestyle, and affinity enabling you to successfully engage with them in a personalized way.

Stay up to Date

A clean and accurate database can save you and your organization huge amounts of time and resources. We are able to detect and correct inaccurate records, get rid of duplicates, and provide even more information – including contact information – about your prospects and donors.


Real-Time Intelligence

As a ticket buyer, visitor, prospect or donor is filling out a form on your website, WealthEngine can instantly deliver you their WE Profile and customize their next steps, all in real time. By integrating with our API, you can automatically personalize a prospect’s online experience while they are actively engaged on your website.

Find More Like Your Best

By looking at your best donors, frequent ticket buyers or visitor, we can build a model of what makes them unique, and then find prospects just like them. Stop wasting your time and development resources on prospects not likely to convert. Engage with people who have the capacity and affinity to give to you. Our powerful solutions can help you find more donors, predict giving levels, retain your donor base, and grow your donor commitment.


We'll Lend a Helping Hand

Not sure where to get started? Let our experts guide you through the process to ensure you are fully utilizing the powerful wealth and lifestyle insights that WealthEngine has to offer.  Our consultants take a custom approach to each client and look at your entire fundraising and donor acquisition program to find ways you can improve. You know your company best, but we can work with you to find opportunities for growth.

Our team will:

  • Assess your existing business processes
  • Identify and assess problems and opportunities
  • Design solutions – analytical, tactical, and operational
  • Implement those solutions through analytics, process design, and campaign design

Find your next major donor and the untapped potential hiding in your existing database.

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