How to Increase Your Assets Under Management in a COVID-19 World

How to Increase Your Assets Under Management in a COVID-19 World

May 26, 2020

Tune in for an executive briefing and live Q&A with Chady AlAhmar, CEO of Wealth at Old National Bank, and Raj Khera, EVP at WealthEngine, as they share best practices to help you grow your portfolio in the midst of economic uncertainty.

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This Executive Briefing will show you:

  • How to uncover insights like estimated net worth, investable assets, business ownership, accredited investor status, likelihood to buy a specific financial product, and more
  • Ways to find and connect with wealthy and soon-to-be-wealthy prospects
  • Techniques to identify clients in your portfolio who are ripe for expansion
Chady AlAhmar
CEO of Wealth

Old National Bank

Raj Khera
EVP and Chief Marketing Officer
Raj is a past CEO and co-founder of several software businesses, two of which were acquired by public companies. At WealthEngine, he helps to create more value for customers through thought leadership and game-changing product enhancements. He is passionate about supporting higher education and cancer research and volunteers his time at the University of Maryland and local schools.

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