How This Nonprofit Grew from 1000 Donors/Year to 1000 Donors/Week

How This Nonprofit Grew from 1000 Donors/Year to 1000 Donors/Week

May 5, 2020

WealthEngine caught up with Leslie VanSant and Michelle Husko of Rainforest Trust to talk about how they have transformed Rainforest Trust into a world-renowned fundraising organization.

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Tune in to learn:
  • The strategy that grew their donor base by 50x in the last decade
  • How they use data to convert small donations into major gifts
  • The messaging and tactics they found to have the most impact
Leslie VanSant
Chief Philanthropy Officer
Rainforest Trust


Michelle Husko
Director of Donor Services
Rainforest Trust


Raj Khera
EVP and Chief Marketing Officer
Raj is a past CEO and co-founder of several software businesses, two of which were acquired by public companies. At WealthEngine, he helps to create more value for customers through thought leadership and game-changing product enhancements. He is passionate about supporting higher education and cancer research and volunteers his time at the University of Maryland and local schools.


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