High-Conversion Fundraising Tactics & Messages During Coronavirus Times

High-Conversion Fundraising Tactics & Messages During Coronavirus Times

April 21, 2020

WealthEngine caught up with Rick Dunham, Chair of the Board of the Giving USA Foundation, to talk about what organizations can do to boost fundraising amidst the coronavirus outbreak.

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Tune in to learn:
  • How organizations are pivoting to raise funds right now
  • What kind of messaging is working to increase conversions
  • Specific actions your organization can take in this tight market for dollars
Rick Dunham
Chair of the Board, Giving USA Foundation
CEO, Dunham+Company

Rick is a 40-year veteran in marketing, fundraising and organizational development for nonprofit organizations. After serving for 11 years in nonprofit management and fundraising leadership roles, Rick began his consulting career in 1989. In 2002 he founded Dunham+Company, which has become a global leader in providing fully integrated marketing and fundraising strategies for nonprofit organizations.

Raj Khera
EVP and Chief Marketing Officer, WealthEngine
Raj is a past CEO and co-founder of several software businesses, two of which were acquired by public companies. At WealthEngine, he helps to create more value for customers through thought leadership and game-changing product enhancements. He is passionate about supporting higher education and cancer research and volunteers his time at the University of Maryland and local schools.


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