Hidden Donor Calculator: Finding Hidden Donors in Plain Sight

Hidden Donor Calculator: Finding Hidden Donors in Plain Sight

February 19, 2019

When you’re in the midst of a capital campaign, it can feel difficult to pursue new donors to contribute to your goal. But, before you go looking for new prospects, ask yourself: have I connected with all of my existing donors? Or, are there some who I have yet to connect with?

That’s where WealthEngine’s Hidden Donor Calculator can help. First, we’ll look at how many existing records you have in your database. That means donors, prospects, board members, friends—everyone! No one is off limits.

Then we’ll evaluate what you would consider to be a major gift, and how many gifts (in the past year) met or exceeded that amount. Not only will we do this to assess major gift potential, but we’ll also help gauge your existing donors’ annual giving potential.

With this information, we’ll help you unlock potential major gift donors, untapped gift potential, a number of potential new donors, and much more.

Collaboration is the key to uplifting humanity. Together, we can make that happen.

Click here to find your hidden donors.

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