Grateful Patient Programs

Saving lives, improving care by connecting potential donors with critical needs. Support your initiatives with GPP.

What You Need to Know for GPP Success

Uplifting humanity is important work. Creating and implementing the right plan for your organization is imperative for long-term success. WealthEngine supports your goals for saving more lives and improving overall health with Grateful Patient Programs that get results.



Execute a Smart Grateful Patient Program

After more than 20 years, we know a thing or two about how to implement a successful GPP. Learn from the experts as they tell their own stories.

Key Steps to a Successful Grateful Patient Program with Spectrum Health

Combining Gratitude and Wealth to Find Your Next Best Prospects

MedStar Health & WealthEngine: Exceptional Grateful Patient Programs

UFO Sightings for Grateful Patient Programs

Take Your GPP to the Next Level: Managing and Analyzing Your Patient Screening Data for Fiscal Year-End Action

Snapshot of Grateful Patient Fundraising Programs
Better understand the current nature of grateful patient fundraising programs, how they have evolved, and where they are heading with this FREE report developed by WealthEngine and The Advisory Board Company.

Grateful Patient Fundraising Programs

Inspiring Healthcare Organizations of All Types and Sizes

WealthEngine has worked with hundreds of healthcare organizations and understands what it takes to create a manageable, productive program. We can help you give your grateful patients the opportunity to give back.