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WE Search pulls together data from 60 sources to look through 300 million profiles and 122 million households. But it’s not just the data that’s impressive, it’s the insights from the data that will wow you. And only WE can give it to you. You’ll know about a prospect’s – or existing customer’s – wealth, from assets and income to charitable contributions and stocks. It’s simple to use and available wherever you’re working. And it easily integrates with your DMS and CRM systems – no need to compromise. More than 4,000 businesses and nonprofits are using WE today, making it the gold standard for wealth intelligence.

Know More About Your Prospects Than Ever Before

With WE data, you’ll have meaningful insight into your prospects – net worth, income, assets, real estate, charitable giving, and more. Plus, our algorithms make it easy to track down business and personal contact information.

Our profiles contain insight on an individual’s net worth, income, assets, real estate, stock holding, charitable contributions and other financial related data as well as business and personal contact information. The cornerstone of those profiles, though is our wealth ratings and scores that make it easy for you to see the power of our wealth intelligence.


Wealth Insight Scores

  • Propensity to Give (P2G)
  • Estimated Spending Capacity
  • Total Assets
  • Net Worth
  • Cash on Hand
  • Estimated Annual Donations
  • Gift Capacity Range

Wealth Attribute Ratings

  • Gift Capacity Rating
  • RFM
  • Planned Giving—Bequest, Annuity & Trust
  • Influence
  • Inclination: Giving
  • Inclination: Affiliation

Demographic and Lifestyle Attributes

Wealth intelligence is great, but our profiles give you even more. You’ll see a whole host of demographic and lifestyle attributes, including data from in-depth stock and real estate research. That’s even more insight you can use to focus your efforts.

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