Wealth Screening

Fill in the Gaps

You need to know more about your customers and prospects, and that means a complete, accurate, and demographic-rich contact database. To fill in those gaps, WE supplements and deepens your data records. WE Screen helps you find, segment, and prioritize prospects, and then our proprietary wealth scores and ratings make it easy to focus on the right ones.

Data Enrichment

Uncover hidden potential in your database

  • WE Screen takes our proprietary wealth scores and ratings and merges them with your contact data. It also offers optional lifestyle, demographic. Now you know what we know about your contacts’ wealth, income, lifestyle and affinity.
  • Wealth ratings and scores help you identify, segment and prioritize customers and prospects with the right attributes. Scores include total assets, net worth, cash on hand, propensity to give, propensity to spend, charitable giving and more.

Data Cleaning

Bad data means wasted effort – keep yours current

If you’re not reaching the right audience, even the best sales and marketing campaigns yield so-so results. WE Clean detects and corrects inaccuracies in your database and gives you more insight into your audience. With our data cleansing, you’re sure to have the most up-to-date mailing and email addresses, phone numbers, age and more.

Secure Delivery

Cloud delivery – seamless and secure

The WealthEngine Platform delivers, processes, and transfers files via the cloud, so it’s safe and sound. The system cleans and enriches data through express and batch-based processing. And it’s all available when and where you need it.


Real-Time Data Append

On Demand Screening gives fundraisers and marketers the ability to personalize outreach, qualify leads, and maximize opportunities by providing the wealth of individuals as they interact with an organization’s websites in real-time.

WE Enhanced Screen

Supercharge your screening with enhanced ratings and scores to give you transformational insight on your donors and prospects, so you can build high-powered fundraising and outreach strategies.

Planned Giving

financial services planning and budgeting

Major Gift

Likelihood To Give

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