Focus Your Funnel

To engage prospects who are conversion-ready, you have to do three things: 1) Understand what factors predict conversion; 2) Use those factors to ultra-segment an audience; 3) Contact them. WE Prospect offers a simple way to find, understand and contact wealthy prospects with a high chance of conversion – all based on wealth and affinity.


Identifying Ultra-targeted Custom Audiences

Scouring 300 million people and 122 million US households, WE Prospect creates ultra-targeted audiences from distinct demographics. You can make lists based on a person’s income, where they live and work, to whom they donate and right down to whether they like sports or fashion. Plug that list into WE Prospect and you’ll get a highly segmented audience based on the parameters you set. And it comes complete with the most current business and personal contact info.

Look-alike Modeling

So how do you know what factors to enter into that prospect list? First you look at the customers and donors you already have, and check out the characteristics of the best ones. Even if the data you have is spotty, WE fills in the gaps with data on their wealth, lifestyle, interests and more. Then, WE Prospect scans your current customers and donors and finds new ones that look just like them. It’s called look-alike modeling, and nobody does it better than WE.


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