10 Email Marketing Best Practices for Account Based Marketing

10 Email Marketing Best Practices for Account Based Marketing

May 15, 2019

Ever wonder why your email marketing campaigns see low click-through rates or CTORs? In the age of Account Based Marketing (ABM), personalization reigns supreme. Your email marketing strategy has to ensure that it’s relevant enough to the recipient. On the other hand, your team must also find your personalization strategy manageable.

Start by Understanding Your Audience

Before learning the best practices for email marketing, it is important to understand the underlying principle. Any ABM strategy relies on effective personalization. Personalization comes from understanding your audience. Wealth Screening is a way for you to understand a customer’s wealth status, assets, and their ability to spend.

However, it’s important to understand your audience beyond their wealth. For instance, WE Insights, a free report built based on your data, can give you a broader view of your audience. The report includes insights on interests, purchase patterns, political inclinations, and of course, ownership of other luxury goods.

wealth profile insights

Personalize Your Communication

Once you have gained deeper insight into your audience, you can start to segment them based on their interests and communication preferences. As customers start to open and click certain types of emails, your email marketing strategy can become more refined.

Download our best practices guide and learn about the 10 email marketing elements to test using artificial intelligence.

Follow these Top Email Marketing Best Practices

Set up your audience and craft your email for maximum effectiveness with these email marketing best practice tips.

  1. As a foundational best practice, filter emails in your WE Prospect list to identify verified email addresses. Remember, email addresses are constantly changing, so don’t be surprised or worried if an address bounces. Simply remove it from future mailings.
  2. One of the most important email marketing strategies is choosing the right subject line. Use one that will attract attention, but doesn’t overtly sell. An ideal title is between 40 and 45 characters long.
  3. Open rates for email marketing range between 10-15%. The subject line is the primary driver for high open rates. Therefore, you need to ensure that your subject is enticing yet relevant.
  4. Personalize your message in the body of your email by including your prospect’s first name. This is a simple trick that does not require a lot of effort. Yet, an email addressed to a person rather than generic greetings such as “Valued Customer”, is bound to have more of an impact on the reader.
  5. Email servers automatically block images or send certain graphic-heavy emails to your customer’s spam folder. With this in mind, make sure you include a text-based version of your email as well. This practice in email marketing helps increase readability, especially on mobile phones.
  6. If your message is highly relevant but does not include a clear call to action, your customer will not know what the next best step is. This may lead to an immediate drop in engagement.  So, a clear CTA is a must. Clearly stating what action they must take makes it easy for your customer to understand how best to reach you if they are interested in the contents of your email.

Bonus Tips to Ensure that Your Email Reaches Your Audience

Use these additional email marketing best practices to increase delivery success and generate higher open rates.

  1. If you use a bulk email tool, be sure to include an opt-out link, or button, in your email marketing campaigns. If you send one-off messages from a provider such as Gmail, use an email tracking plug-in so you can see who opened your message.
  2. Further, the best times to send emails are early weekday mornings from 6:30am – 7:30am, mid-afternoon from 3:30pm – 4:30pm or Sundays 6:00pm – 7:00pm.
  3. Similarly, the best days of the week to send emails are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday for business messages, and Thursday, Friday, and Sunday for consumer messages. Thursday and Friday afternoons work well for weekend events.
  4. Use a multi-tiered approach in your outreach efforts. This means that your email marketing strategy cannot adopt a “one and done” approach. Execute two or more marketing tactics for maximum effectiveness.
  5. Consumers have become more fragmented in their media consumption habits. Try direct mail, phone outreach, social media or out of home campaigns to reinforce the message from your email campaign. This will help ensure sure that your message reaches them on their preferred medium.

Learn More

Learn more about how you can use Artificial Intelligence to test and refine your email marketing strategy.

Download our best practices guide now–>

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