Eight Ways to Get Involved with #GivingTuesday

Eight Ways to Get Involved with #GivingTuesday

It’s hard to believe that #GivingTuesday is just one week away! Entering its fifth year, #GivingTuesday is a social media movement that was begun to remind people of the importance of giving back. Held on the first Tuesday following Thanksgiving (as well as Black Friday and Cyber Monday), #GivingTuesday is about compassion, volunteering, donating, and being generous in our communities. 

This year, #WEGivesBack by collecting donations for the Food and Friends charity. If your organization is looking for small ways to get involved with #GivingTuesday, here are ways that you can do right now to get started:

  1. Like #GivingTuesday on Facebook, or follow them on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram in order to gain inspiration for your own #GivingTuesday campaign. Retweet, like, or share their content so your followers are aware of ways they can get involved.
  2. Create your own #GivingTuesday themed content, such as blog posts or short videos, to raise awareness for your cause. Post it on your own social media and use the #GivingTuesday hashtag to help further your cause and give your donors a reason to give back.
  3. Start a Facebook Fundraiser in order to share your story and raise funds for the cause you care about.
  4. Share your #MyGivingStory through #GivingTuesday’s Facebook page by December 31 in order to win up to $10,000 for your favorite nonprofit organization! Just tell the story of a time that you supported a nonprofit in a way that was meaningful to you.
  5. Take an #UNSelfie to share how you are giving back or why you choose to give this year – share it on social media with the #UNselfie hashtag to encourage your followers to give.
  6. Develop a campaign around #GivingTuesday. It may be small this year, but start now and build momentum for future years. Download the #GivingTuesday Social Media Toolkit to get started on showing your support for the movement
  7. #GivingTuesday isn’t just about donating money – encourage your followers to donate their time by volunteering! And don’t forget your past and present volunteers – use the #GivingTuesday hashtag to show your appreciation for them.
  8. Track, measure and record all of your activities and results, so you can grow and expand your #GivingTuesday impact next year.

If you need a little extra help getting inspiration for your #GivingTuesday campaign, check out our blog post Three #GivingTuesday Campaigns That Will Inspire You This Year. Happy giving!

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