Drive 2016 Holiday Strategies with Big Data

Drive 2016 Holiday Strategies with Big Data

Fall and holiday planning is in full swing and customer-centric brands have an opportunity to drastically improve the consumer experience – with wealth data. Wealth data has become the “must have” data point for brands and retailers who know how to maximize their consumer marketing and create the most relevant and profitable experience for each segment of their database.

The emergence of new structures for rich data allows for the unprecedented ability for brand marketers to truly deliver highly personalized, one-to-one e-commerce experiences. As we know, today’s consumers are pros at ignoring mass media and listening only to what they want to hear. But, with access to and with the effective use of Big Data, brands can enhance consumer experiences with contextual relevance that allows for engagement at precise moments when customers are most persuadable. Applying contextual relevance to digital customer experiences is often overlooked by marketers, yet it can make all the difference in delivering value propositions that get to the heart of a customer’s buying criteria.

In this competitive landscape, it doesn’t matter if marketers are focusing on direct mail, email, mobile, or digital strategies. The focus is the same. It is critical for marketers to pinpoint their prospects in unique and compelling ways. Utilizing wealth, demographic and lifestyle parameters are an effective way to leverage the attributes of your best customers to generate a targeting strategy and a voice that will resonate with that audience.

For more information on prioritizing your buyers and prospects using wealth data check out our webinar Improve Consumer Experiences and Drive Revenue in the 2016 Holiday Season Using Wealth Data.

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