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    Find the best donors while decreasing your acquisition costs.

    WealthEngine's screening, modeling, and prospecting tools can help you get more donations and major gifts faster while decreasing your new donor acquisition cost!

    Use this fundraising calculator to get a clear picture of the donation dollars hiding within your database.

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    Include donors, prospects, event attendees, board members, friends... everyone!

  • Major Gift Potential

    With industry leading match rates, WealthEngine can provide you with deep wealth insights and giving propensity on roughly 90% of your records.

  • First, let's calculate the potential to grow your major gift program.

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  • How many major gifts of this size (and higher) do you currently receive each year?

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  • Major Giving

    WealthEngine views everyone with a giving capacity of $50,000 or more as a potential major gift donor.

  • Based on the number of records you have, here's an estimate of major gifts we can help you unlock.

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  • Next, let's calculate annual giving potential.

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  • Likely New Donors

    WealthEngine uses numerous databases and cutting-edge data science techniques to find insights that can dramatically increase the number and size of the donations you receive.

  • Based on our benchmark data, we can likely help you find:

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