Did you Know? 100% of Millionaires live on Our Earth.

Did you Know? 100% of Millionaires live on Our Earth.

April 22, 2019

Today, WeathEngine celebrates Earth Day by holding high one of our customers who is nourishing our planet and building passionate engagement.

Nourishing the earth starts with cultivating community. At the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, they believe gardening can strengthen communities by increasing access to fresh food, fostering healthy living environments, and developing deeper social connections.

Although they’ve been able to foster a community, the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society wanted to strengthen attendance at their events and reach prospective donors who would be invested in giving to their cause.

We helped them upload their inner circle and conduct advanced searches on new individuals. As a result, they can identify matches, gauge the propensity and capacity to give, and set up a peer-to-peer ask. They’ve also been able to immediately screen for 100 individuals who had attended their fundraiser in Philadelphia’s Navy Yard, to identify additional inner circle matches. This allowed them to get a better idea of who attended their event, and create a strategy to follow up with those individuals, and engage them further.

By leveraging wealth and lifestyle insights, the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society has the power to foster a community that isn’t just engaged but is passionate about preserving the earth and their community.

Watch how the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society is using WealthEngine in Action. 


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