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WE Customer Care is the face of our company and the core of our external client outreach. In short, this department provides daily support to our client base. WE listens, WE solves problems, and WE gathers feedback. The Customer Care team attempts to manage the client experience in a manner that provides the optimal usage experience for our clients, which we hope meets your needs and makes loyal customers for the future.

The primary objective of the department is to assist in client engagement, support and product assistance. The team works closely with other departments such as sales, training, engineering, product and marketing to streamline communications and deliver results. We truly do take our clients seriously but never ourselves. WE work hard, believe in each other, and strive to improve every day because WE knows we aren’t perfect. 

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At WE our clients' needs come first. Our focus and commitment is to learning all that we can about your organization, your mission and your goals. Key to our company core values, our team aims to follow these by making sure our clients are truly the center of our universe. We strive to serve each client with an unparalleled level of personal service and attention.

It’s that human element that sets us apart and ensures you get the support you need. WE goes far and beyond simply being responsive to our clients’ support needs, we have a strong commitment to education, finding solutions and peer-to-peer knowledge sharing. We want you to love our products and see results.

Every client is a valued member of the WE family. We are committed to working hard, having fun while doing it and creating lasting relationships with our clients. 

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