Choose Your Adventure: Data-Driven Storytelling

Choose Your Adventure: Data-Driven Storytelling

September 25, 2015

You hear it everywhere.

Content is king.

And, if this is true, then context is emperor.

Storytelling is not merely sharing information. It’s understanding your audience, how they consume and share knowledge and where they look for and find trusted sources for making decisions: from where they will buy their next pair of shoes to the place they find inspiration for giving back and making a difference in the world.

In WealthEngine’s newest ebook, Choose Your Adventure: Data-Driven Storytelling, we explore how nonprofits and B2Cs use data to analyze consumer and constituent behavior and wealth scores in order to segment their audiences, enabling smart marketers to personalize their messaging. This not only improves the user experience with their brand or organization but also increases conversions for donations and sales.

At WealthEngine, we help nonprofits and B2Cs understand the capacity to give and the propensity to spend based on wealth scores and lifestyle factors. It is our hope that this data segmentation ebook inspires you to understand your customers more so you can connect with them more effectively and strengthen your relationship with them for increased loyalty and engagement.



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