Notice for California Residents

This notice page outlines additional information regarding rights available to California residents under the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). 

Per the CCPA, California residents have the following rights: 

  1. Right to Know: California residents have a right to know more regarding the California resident’s personal information, such as, what personal information is being collected by WealthEngine about the California resident, categories of personal information sold by WealthEngine, and disclosure by WealthEngine of such personal information. Please see WealthEngine’s privacy policy regarding more information about the foregoing. 
  2. Right to Opt-Out: California residents have a right to opt-out from sale of their personal information by WealthEngine. 
  3. Right to Delete: California residents have a right to request deletion of personal information maintained by WealthEngine. 
  4. Non-Discrimination: You have the right not to receive discriminatory treatment by WealthEngine for the exercise of your privacy rights under CCPA. 
  5. Contact Information: The following avenues are available to contact WealthEngine, including, for exercising the above rights:
    1. Mail: 4340 East West Hwy #900, Bethesda, MD 20814
    2. Email:
    3. Toll-Free Number: 855-962-0390
    4. Online Form: Opt-out form available on WealthEngine website.