Over 100K Net New Prospects Found in One Year

This large hotel group is a membership-based, representation firm for a consortium of five-star luxury boutique hotels. They assist membership with everything from sales and marketing to distribution and technology, but each unique property is privately owned and managed.  

WealthEngine prospecting tools allowed them to rank all new prospects. The reservation rate, or number of reservations per household, spiked significantly in the $1MM to $5MM net worth range, indicating a strong opportunity to stimulate this group to spend more.

“We had no idea who our best customers really were. This report gave us external clarity to inform our segmentation, and we’re using it to build a brand strategy.” –

$800K Closed In Travel Bookings

A luxury travel operator that specializes in personalized travel experiences and private jet excursions, needed to target prospective travelers who would be most likely to use their services.

The company drove 8 bookings, valued at $100k each, within the first year of the campaign they ran the models generated by WealthEngine. This was a major boost compared to the parallel campaign they generated through another organization, which resulted in zero bookings. Additionally, their hyper-personalized outreach saved the company $250k in direct mail costs. 

5% Increase in Conversion Rates

A luxury car company wanted to deepen the level of personal outreach and change their marketing strategies. They used WealthEngine to build customer personas and standardize the best practices.

Through hosting invite-only test driving events, the company was able to increase their conversion rates by 5%. For instance, of the 100 attendees at one event, five purchased a top-end model worth $200,000+. This was an unprecedented 5% conversion rate compared to the typically less than 1% industry rate for luxury products.

3.4x Increase in ROI for Direct Mail Campaigns

A renowned high-end jewelry retailer, prized for its luxury goods, was looking to improve their response and conversion rates of outbound direct mail campaigns. They leveraged WealthEngine to identify HNWI they could reach through their existing marketing methods.

Within just 60 days, the high-end jewelry retailer generated over $281k from 130 customer purchases, resulting in a 3.4x ROI on their direct mail campaign.

100,000 Qualified Individuals Identified

A luxury destination club wanted to grow their clientele and increase their memberships. They used WealthEngine to examine and qualify the best potential prospects.

WealthEngine provided a list of approximately 100,000 qualified individuals. A list of the top 100 prospects enabled this luxury destination club to create unique promotional campaigns to better target the ideal customer.

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30% More HNWI Found

An iconic luxury retail brand sought to enhance their net worth data offerings and accuracy. By consulting WealthEngine’s ratings and scores, the brand was able to identify a considerable number of customers and prospects with a higher propensity and capacity to spend.

After gaining customer insights through WealthEngine, the brand was able to identify 30% more individuals with over $1M wealth.