Over $20M Raised in Cash Gifts and Campaign Commitments

The Christian Brothers School wanted to assess which of their alumni had the propensity and capacity to contribute major gifts to their institution. Using WealthEngine, they were able to segment their alumni into groups to determine which would be prospects.

After attributing scores to top prospects and then engaging them, the Christian Brothers school received eight seven-figure cash gifts: $16 million in donation commitments, $4.5 million in planned giving commitments, and $2.5 million towards an endowment fund for faculty and development.

Increased Donations & Deepened Engagement through Social Media

Creating opportunities for alumni and constituent engagement is a priority at William Paterson University’s advancement office. By leveraging WealthEngine to increase engagement, the university was able to create an active online community for prospect research and cultivation.

Since they started using WealthEngine, William Paterson University’s advancement department has improved communication and efficiency in their offices, increased the number of donations, and enhanced relations with alumni. The relationships that have been cultivated through the online community have created potential for increased future gifts as well.

Over 400 Major Gift Prospects Identified After One Screening

A private liberal arts university was looking to screen prospects in order to increase donations from the $400-450 million range to $500 million. They utilized WealthEngine to identify new prospects with a high capacity to give who had not yet been approached for a major gift. 


By using WealthEngine’s wealth and hard asset screening results, this private liberal arts university was able to find more than 400 major gift-giving prospects.

ROI Increases by 228x with $11M Raised in 5 Years

A large state university aimed to pinpoint individuals capable of giving $25k or more. They leveraged WealthEngine’s on-demand screenings to narrow their list of prospects to a targeted list of donors.

Over the next five years, the university raised $11.4M with less than a $50k investment…  An ROI of 228x.

“The amazing thing is that this $11.4M in revenue is directly attributable to the work we’ve been doing. We didn’t hire any additional staff, we didn’t add to travel or hospitality budgets.” — Senior Director of Advancement Services

12,000% Increase in ROI in Just One Quarter

A college with a focus on healthcare and science aimed to identify existing donors in their database and develop their cultivation efforts. They used WealthEngine to engage donors and prospects on a deeper level. 

Once the college utilized appends and screenings to sort their donor base, they were able to close a $2M commitment in one quarter which resulted in an ROI of 12,000%. There was a 5% increase in instances of volunteerism.

$600M Received in Campaign Commitments

The Department of Development and Alumni Relations (DAR) at the University of Pennsylvania operates as a decentralized organization, with 500 employees across the university in more than 25 schools. The DAR worked with WealthEngine to conduct periodic screenings of prospective donors in order to help focus research efforts on their most promising prospects. 

University of Pennsylvania has now identified about 40,000 individuals who can donate at least $25,000 a year over 5 years. They have added 2,000 prospects per year, 80-85% of which are donors. Due to WealthEngine’s successful prospect screenings, the new prospects that were discovered have made campaign commitments of about $600 million.

Northwestern University

University Parent Fund Nearly Quadruples In Size

Northwestern University, one of the country’s leading private research and teaching universities, wanted to find out who, among new parents of enrolled students, was capable of giving major gifts to their university. 

Northwestern was able to identify new parents capable of contributing major gifts upon the enrollment of new students. Over 6 years, the University’s Parent Fund increased 280%, nearly quadrupling in size from $500k to $1.9M. 

Top Prospects Identified with Major Gift Potential Over $10,000

Trinity University is one of the nation’s leading private, liberal arts universities with 2,600 students on its San Antonio, Texas campus. The university needed to gauge their prospects’ philanthropic propensities and capacities to give specifically to their institution.

The custom model identified the top 10% of scorers who had the ability to give a gift of $10,000 or more to the university. In one of their segmented groups, it was discovered that only 12% of the roughly 5,700 individuals were actively under management and the remaining 88% were donors who had given large gifts in prior years. This was untapped potential that was now on their radar, resulting in cultivation and solicitation across different programs with the assurance of data-driven research.

Raised Over $30M During Most Recent Campaign

A private religious college in upstate New York was looking to apply the information gathered from their prospect research and wealth screening tools through a strategic and team-oriented approach. By using WealthEngine, they were able to develop and nurture relationships by building prospect portfolios. 

By maintaining close relationships with the donors with the highest capacity and propensity to give, the college has been able to secure gifts of $1M with a total of $30.5M during their last campaign.

Over 1,000 New Major Gift Prospects Identified

A major university’s business school was looking for a new approach to screen their database of 13,000 alumni records during the silent phase of their campaign. They worked with WealthEngine to create a major donor list of alumni who could donate over $500K based on their giving capacity and Propensity to Give (P2G) scores. 

With the new process in place, development officers receive a monthly average of 187 prospects with a major gift rating over $100,000. Over 1,100 new prospects were found in the alumni pool and data is regularly updated and segmented into manageable chunks.

Monthly Screenings Lead to Nearly 200 Major Gift Prospects

A private research university with 15,000 students and $8.5B in endowment was looking to establish a more efficient screening process. They teamed up with WealthEngine to replace their outdated yearly database screenings with more frequent monthly batch screenings.

Routine batch screening improved the effectiveness of the development team’s workflow, helping the university pinpoint an average of 187 new prospects with a major gift rating over $100,000 every month.

University Exceeds $20M Campaign Goal

Stevenson University is a thriving private university based in Baltimore County with over 3,000 undergraduate and graduate students and an $89M endowment. The university sought to streamline their fundraising efforts and deepen engagement among their donors.

Stevenson University has been able to target their marketing efforts through two methods: batch import integration with data from screenings they’ve conducted into their DMS system, and appending wealth and lifestyle intelligence to individual records using WealthEngine’s connector for Ellucian Colleague. These methods help them target prospects who are more likely to donate.

Top Prospects Found With Over $1M in Major Gift Potential

Colorado State University, a thriving campus with $355.9M in endowment, had just launched the planning and silent phase of their 7 year campaign. They needed WealthEngine’s help in order to reach out to over 500,000 alumni, parents, and faculty to identify untapped potential.

Since their initial screening, CSU has manually verified 7,300 records and has found 15-20 previously unknown $1M+ prospects. The university was able to surpass their goal and raise $524.7M, a full six months ahead of schedule. 

 “Our experience manually verifying records over the years we’ve used WealthEngine has proven that the information WealthEngine provides is getting better and better. This manual verification process has also helped raise the confidence level of our development officers. We now need to do less verification, because we are confident of the data, and our gift officers share that confidence.” – Jim Beikler, Assistant Manager of Prospect Research

Over 100 New Prospects Identified

A small Midwestern liberal arts college with 1500 students was looking to perform better wealth screenings and identify new prospects to nurture for bequest or estate donations. Using WealthEngine’s Planned Giving Model, they were able to find the right donors in their database.

The Planned Giving Model allowed the college to identify 124 new prospects qualified for potential bequest or estate donations. This enabled their small team to hone in on the right donors and achieve their overall campaign goals.

Over 20,000 Prospects Screened

Roanoke College is a liberal arts college in Virginia with a $143.6M endowment. They were looking to increase efficiency by routinely screening donor lists in order to keep everything up to date. By working with WealthEngine, they were able to identify the individuals with promising P2G (Propensity to Give) and giving capacity scores.

With WealthEngine’s integration, Roanoke was not only receiving fresh data and building new workflows, but was also able to screen over 20,000 prospects.

222 Major Gift Prospects with $100k+ Capacity Quickly Identified

A Midwestern university with a $1.9B endowment was looking for the best way to target wealthy prospects. They wanted to assess which of their prospective donors had the highest propensity and capacity to give. With WealthEngine’s vast data and screening capabilities, they were able to narrow down their search and engage with the right people, leading to serious discussions about gift-giving. 

By using WealthEngine’s custom model, the university was able to find high potential donors that had been flying under the radar. Converting only 10% of the 222 members identified originally, averages to $2.2M in potential gift-giving that was not previously accounted for. The university’s normal time to get this far with major gift donors was 18 months, which was reduced to 2 months with the custom model. They are now actively reaching out to all the others on the list, which, based on initial close rates, suggest they have at least $4 million in potential gifts on the horizon.