21,000 Candidates Screened

A large healthcare foundation with a sizable number of donors and prospects was looking for ways to build a segmented and targeted approach for fundraising. They used WealthEngine’s insights to cultivate relationships with major gift donors based on their estimated giving capacity and propensity to give scores.

With the help of WealthEngine, this large healthcare foundation screened 21,000 records across seven affiliate hospitals and healthcare organizations to discover wealth profiles and cultivate relationships with their top prospects for additional gifts.

“We are able to provide our affiliate organizations and hospitals with immediate and direct access to quality, actionable data, thanks to the screening data we integrated from WealthEngine.”

-Senior Information Systems Technologist

100 Top Prospects Narrowed Down From 9000 Potential Donors

A large New Jersey healthcare system with a network of independent healthcare providers was lacking an efficient prospect research tool to use their system. They used WealthEngine’s P2G scores to effectively segment groups of prospects that had a higher potential for gift giving. 

By using multiple features of WealthEngine’s data platform, the large New Jersey healthcare system was able to narrow down their prospect list from 9000+ to 100-150 people.

“The Inner Circle is a great service that WealthEngine offers. It gives us a reason to contact an individual.” – Director of Planned Giving and Program Development

56% Increase in Annual Attainment In 2 Years

The University of California San Francisco Medical Center, ranked as one of the top 10 hospitals in the nation, wanted to sift through their list of existing donors to fill in areas where they had insufficient information on individuals. Not only was WealthEngine able to help them gain more information on their donors, but they were also able to help them determine which donors had greater major gift potential. 

After performing screenings and generating models, the University of California San Francisco Medical Center saw a 56% growth in annual attainment in just 2 years. 95% of all dollars came from the top 3% of the ‘Philanthropic Affinity’ model and 89% of all major gifts came from the top 3% of the ‘Major Gift Inclination’ model. 

62% Increase in Major Gifts

St. Vincent’s Hospital Foundation is a philanthropic healthcare organization that is dedicated to improving the health of its community. In order to retain campaign donors and cultivate new prospects, they utilized WealthEngine’s propensity-to-give (P2G) scoring in order to segment and prioritize patients for various development efforts. 

With WealthEngine’s help, St. Vincent’s Hospital was able to decrease costs, increase conversion rates, and get 50-100% higher donations. $10K gifts increased by 62% and several gift upgrades were secured such as a $15K gift from a donor found in the Inner Circle of a board member. 

“The value of regular screening and proactive prospect research is the constant influx of new, qualified and actionable prospects into the pipeline. WealthEngine identifies highly qualified prospects for us out of the mess of information that could potentially be a barrier to success. With 4,000 patients coming through our doors each week, we would never be able to rank and segment our best prospects for various initiatives, much less call them. Applying prospect research, particularly regular screening, to our grateful patient program provides structure, insight, convenience and action. It allows us to focus our limited staff resources on those with the highest potential and greatest gift capacity.” – Scott Powell, Director of Development

ROI Increases by 3x in 2 Months

A charitable healthcare organization wanted to enhance its research into a rare form of blood cancer. They aimed to do this by raising funds through a major gift program. They wanted to identify major gift donors from within their database. With WealthEngine’s  look-alike model,  the nonprofit saw a 3x increase in campaign ROI in 2 months.

This look-alike model was able to identify people similar to the organization’s best donors. Furthermore, these were prospects who hadn’t given high-impact gifts to the organization before.

Thus, the model enabled them to create targeted outreach focused on more high-impact donors. As a result of these campaigns, the organization gained a 3x increase in ROI in just two months.

“This is a revolutionary product that every single nonprofit should be using.” – Director of Development

Over $16M Raised in One Fiscal Year

Mission Healthcare Foundation Inc., like any other healthcare organization, relies heavily on its ability to raise money. They needed to understand more about their potential prospects’ wealth and propensity to give, so they utilized WealthEngine’s screening and search capabilities to create smarter segmentation and identify high-value prospects.

WealthEngine helped Mission Health raise $16.2M in one fiscal year and has increased event-driven donations by 140% in a 2 year period. Mission Health has also successfully executed events that have generated over 67% participation and a 6x return on investment.

“I’m proud of the progress of our Grateful Patient Program and where it has taken us. We’re now focusing on the right individuals and engaging them effectively as they come into the system. We no longer have a meeting to discuss donors, portfolios, or engagements without having the screening data behind it.” – Heather Parkinson, Manager of Development Research & Data Analysis 

Annual Fund More than Doubles to $47M

Medstar Health is a non-profit healthcare organization that operates more than 120 entities, including 10 hospitals in the Baltimore/Washington region. In order to improve the efficiency of their Grateful Patient Program (GPP), they leveraged WealthEngine’s data to identify the patients with the highest propensity and capacity to give.

With WealthEngine’s help, MedStar Health was able to increase their annual fund from $19M to $47M, resulting in a 150% increase in fundraising just from their Grateful Patient Program. 

Inpatient and Outpatient Reports Produced Rapidly

The Loyola University Health System, a leader in academic medicine and healthcare services for over 40 years, wanted to conduct regular inpatient and outpatient reviews and validations. They used WealthEngine to help them gain insights into their patients at a faster rate.

Once WealthEngine was integrated into Loyola’s Health donor management system, the university health system was able to conduct daily and monthly inpatient and outpatient reviews.

“Everyone knows that gratitude decreases with time; we have instituted a proactive strategy for moving on the data in a timely and integrated manner.” — Tony Englert, VP of Development and External Affairs at Loyola University Health System

$24M Raised Towards Campaign Goal

A children’s healthcare charity that provides housing for families near its affiliate hospitals was planning a $30M campaign to fund its largest building yet. They soon realized that their top prospect list had been exhausted and needed to be reprioritized to target the right members.

This children’s healthcare charity raised $24M of their $30M goal. They plan to revisit the same targeted list they received from WealthEngine to continue engaging donors through their board and volunteer connections.

API Enables University Health System to Streamline Workflows

A large university health system sought to identify more high impact donors in real-time. They used WealthEngine to identify new patients who had never donated previously but had a mid to high level giving capacity.

WealthEngine’s API saved the university health system time and resources when screening for patients with mid to high giving capacity. The API provided centralized donor information for Gift Officers to streamline their workflows.