Pre-qualify Prospect Pipeline to Build Stronger LTV

An investment advisory company wanted to make a process for prioritizing incoming prospects and fundraising tactics. They used WealthEngine to compile information on their prospects and learn how to build and cultivate relationships.

“With WealthEngine, we’re able to leverage wealth and demographic indicators to strengthen their relationships with existing clients and introduce themselves to new ones.” – Executive at firm

2.5x Increase in Campaign Response Rate

1st Global is a Dallas based financial services firm focused on research and consulting. They were able to leverage WealthEngine’s data and insights to gain a 2.5X increase in campaign response rate. Read more to see how.

By using more than zip codes and real estate, they were able to uncover latent prospects with higher likelihoods of becoming wealth management clients. As a result,  1st Global’s clients saw that direct marketing response rates went up 2-5% to 7-10%. This is a 2.5X increase in comparison to their typical rate.

“WealthEngine allows us to go beyond surface-level assumptions on wealth — we let the numbers show us who to target. ” – Kristina Manser, Marketing and Brand Consultant