Increased Donor Lifetime Value with Tailored Ask Amounts

The Humane Society of the United States, the nation’s most effective animal protection organization, wanted to involve and engage more donors in their fundraising efforts. They used WealthEngine to assess which of their existing donors had a greater propensity and capacity to give.

WE Propensity and Capacity to Give scores enabled the Humane Society to increase mid-level donations by 20%, and expanded qualified prospects in the ’Planned Giving Program’ by 49%.

“We felt like we were building something together with WE. That it was a partnership, and that WE was invested in our success and that we were invested in WE’s success… I definitely recommend WealthEngine. They are invaluable and essential to enhancing the donor experience.”

Emily Courville, Sr. Director, Analytics, Resources & Data

30x Major Gift ROI Within 1 Year

An international religious advocacy group approached WealthEngine to identify major gift donors. They wanted to find donors with major gift potential from right within their database. WealthEngine’s modeling solution was able to help them fulfill their goal. Moreover, the group was able to gain 30X ROI within a single year. See how the advocacy group was able to accomplish this.

The organization immediately found 19 new and upgraded major gift donors to cultivate. This further led them to gain $531,960 in additional funds for their Major Gift Program. As a result, they achieved a 30x gain in ROI in 1 year. From now on, the group plans to leverage modeling and analytics in their fundraising.

100,000 Profiles Screened At a Single Time through WE Insights for Salesforce

An operations team at a national nonprofit wanted to gain a holistic view of specific donor subsets. Using WealthEngine, they were able to create a seamless and cost-effective workflow.

The organization can now complement and elevate their donor universe by updating up to 100,000 records at a single time or automatically screening potential donors by utilizing WealthEngine’s APIs. They can do all this without ever having to leave Salesforce.

$250,000 Raised Using Engagement Scores

An international animal rights organization was looking to convert aspirational donors into actual donors to increase overall fundraising and to meet their philanthropic goals. They used WealthEngine to help them understand each donor’s capacity and propensity to give so that they could better target their efforts.

Insights from WealthEngine were used to precisely segment their member base and tech-savvy Millennials and Gen-Xers were enlisted to run birthday fundraisers on Facebook leading to $250,000 in new funds. WealthEngine also developed a custom major gift model to identify members with upgrade potential, 800 of whom became $5k+ donors, and one who converted into a multi-million, multi-year donor.

2,500 New Prospects Added to Pipeline from Wealth Screening

An animal rights organization’s planned giving team wanted to gain insights on legacy donors’ capacity, propensity, and intent to give. With WealthEngine, they were able to increase their number of prospects significantly. 

After assessing each individual donor’s propensity, capacity, and intent to give, the organization’s planned giving team was able to segment donors with planned giving potential who already gave at the $500 level. This resulted in a pipeline of 2,500 prospects to be nurtured by planned giving officers.

Multiplying Prospects with Inner Circle

A nonprofit membership organization needed to discover new prospects outside of their current pool. They used WealthEngine to improve targeting of current individuals and identify new relationships.

100 individuals were uploaded from a company event to be analyzed using the Inner Circle feature. WealthEngine helped them get a larger picture of their attendees and enabled them to expand their prospecting and improve their follow-up strategies.

600 New Candidates Found

An animal preservation nonprofit organization wanted to improve efficiencies and improve their processes for researching prospective donors. They used WealthEngine to help them identify and target new prospective donors.

WealthEngine enabled this animal preservation nonprofit organization to discover that the average donation from prospects with giving capacities between $300K and $500K was $338. This information led them to reorganize their strategies and increase their ask amount. They also identified 600 new candidates using WealthEngine’s prospecting tool. “[WealthEngine] has a great interface and is always quick and easy to use.” – Environmental Nonprofit Researcher


10% Increase in High Net Worth Prospect Pipeline

Funraise, a nonprofit CRM, wanted to gain a greater understanding of their individual donors. Using WealthEngine, they were able to screen new donors automatically for in-depth wealth insights on each prospect and donor.

After integrating WealthEngine’s API,  Funraise received actionable donor intelligence in real-time. One Funraise customer found 100 new donors with a net worth over $1M. Another customer found 10 donors with a UHNW over $200M during a historic migration. Overall, Funraise experienced a 10% increase in high net worth prospect pipeline.

Over $20M Raised in Cash Gifts and Campaign Commitments

The Christian Brothers School wanted to assess which of their alumni had the propensity and capacity to contribute major gifts to their institution. Using WealthEngine, they were able to segment their alumni into groups to determine which would be prospects.

After attributing scores to top prospects and then engaging them, the Christian Brothers school received eight seven-figure cash gifts: $16 million in donation commitments, $4.5 million in planned giving commitments, and $2.5 million towards an endowment fund for faculty and development.

7-Figure Gift Secured from Legacy Annual Donor

The major gifts team at an animal rights organization wanted to cultivate relationships with potential high impact donors. They used WealthEngine to create unique regional events for locations with high concentrations of prospects.

By using WealthEngine, the major gifts team at an animal rights organization was able to convert a $1,000 legacy donor to a multi-million, multi-year donor. Additionally, WealthEngine’s custom major gifts model identified 800 members with P2G (Propensity to Give) 1 scores who were then converted to $5K+ donors.

Double Number of Major Gifts Received

An animal welfare organization needed to see the big picture of their large donor base as well as understand how to target donors on an individual level.  WealthEngine used models to help them better understand their donors.

The organization doubled the number and value of major gifts, created a case to hire additional development staff, and grew their legacy program from 600 to 675 members.

Donations More Than Double in a Year From $600k to $1.6m

A nationwide education nonprofit wanted to revamp their entire nationwide fundraising strategy. They used WealthEngine to expand their prospect base and reach their fundraising potential.

By using WealthEngine, this organization was able to more than double the amount of donations in one fiscal year. Their donations increased from $600K to $1.6M in one year.

3 Million Constituents Screened

Young Life wanted to establish a way to segment and identify potential donors out of a database with three million constituents. They used WealthEngine to ensure that they did not miss prospective major donors.

Young Life has a better understanding of who their prospects are and have been able to find donors that would have otherwise been missed without WealthEngines screening capabilities.

“WealthEngine has been really helpful for us, and everyone in our department sees the benefit of it.” – Tommy Blatts, Development Associate

Fundraising Goal Exceeded by $200k

Wesley Homes wanted to identify new prospective donors with a high propensity and capacity to give. WealthEngine helped Wesley Homes identify which major gift prospects would be most likely to give to their organization.

After evaluating the wealth attributes, ratings, and scores of donors who seemed the most likely to give, Wesley Homes generated lists and prioritized their prospects. The information they had gathered from WealthEngine led them to raise $200k more than they initially anticipated.

$4 Billion Raised Annually

An American nonprofit organization wanted to gather information to better guide their fundraising efforts. They used WealthEngine to better understand their current donors.

This nonprofit organization’s Chief Technology Officer “ultimately found that WealthEngine’s data was much more accurate than any of the other platforms, and that [they] had more data available.”

They continuously raise more than $4 billion annually.

Mid-Level Revenue Doubled without Increasing Number of Donors

Turning Point Ministries, a Christian broadcasting program, wanted to familiarize themselves with their donor database, and conduct more regular screenings. By using WealthEngine, they were able to identify individuals who had a greater propensity and capacity to give. 


By familiarizing themselves with insights on individual donors through WealthEngine, Turning Point Ministries doubled their mid-level revenue without doubling their number of donors. If anything, after doubling their development team size, they were able to engage in quicker donation follow-ups. Turning Point Ministries used WealthEngine criteria and gift level to populate their watch lists, which made all the difference. 

683 Top Prospects Identified Out of List of Over 650,000

An international charitable organization with religious affiliation was looking to identify individuals who were likely to become a bequest or an estate donor. By using WealthEngine, they were able to identify key donors and focus planned outreach on the individuals most likely to donate. 

Out of the 650,000+ individuals on the prospect list, WealthEngine was able to identify 683 donors that matched key predictors of bequest and estate donors.  Narrowing down the list to .1% of the individuals originally being targeted will not only decrease lead times but also lower marketing costs in the long run.

4.5x Increase in Total Number of Major Gift Donors

An American education nonprofit organization wanted to establish a structured effort to identify major gift donors. They utilized WealthEngine’s platform to identify and prioritize high-impact donors. 

By using the WealthEngine platform, the nonprofit was able to increase the total number of major gift donors by 4.5x, from approximately 110 donors to 500+ major gift donors, over the course of 6 years

$24M Raised Towards Campaign Goal

A children’s healthcare charity that provides housing for families near its affiliate hospitals was planning a $30M campaign to fund its largest building yet. They soon realized that their top prospect list had been exhausted and needed to be reprioritized to target the right members.

This children’s healthcare charity raised $24M of their $30M goal. They plan to revisit the same targeted list they received from WealthEngine to continue engaging donors through their board and volunteer connections.