Religious Advocacy Group Gains 30x Major Gift ROI Within 1 Year

An international religious advocacy group approached WealthEngine to identify major gift donors. They wanted to find donors with major gift potential from right within their database. WealthEngine’s modeling solution was able to help them fulfill their goal. Moreover, the group was able to gain 30X ROI within a single year. See how the advocacy group was able to accomplish this.

Who They Are

The organization is a renowned, global nonprofit that serves all denominations. It produces educational material and conducts workshops around the world.

The Challenge

The chief challenge was identifying major gift donors. In this instance, the advocacy group needed to nurture donors who were capable of giving at the $7K+ gift level. What’s more, the group was tasked to find these prospects from their existing donor pool of 500,000 people.

WealthEngine’s Solution


Firstly, the organization began with wealth screening. Screening data informed the creation of their major gift model.  In fact, WealthEngine built a custom model for the group. The model enabled them to cultivate and optimize their ask immediately. How did the model enable this? The custom algorithm was able to identify all prospects who were not only capable of giving at this level but also likely to give.


The Result

The organization immediately found 19 new and upgraded major gift donors to cultivate. This further led them to gain $531,960 in additional funds for their Major Gift Program. As a result, they achieved a 30x gain in ROI in 1 year. From now on, the group plans to leverage modeling and analytics in their fundraising.



1st Global Sees 2.5X Increase in Campaign Response Rate


1st Global is a Dallas based financial services firm focused on research and consulting. They were able to leverage WealthEngine’s data and insights to gain a 2.5X increase in campaign response rate. Read more to see how.

Who They Are

1st-Global-Logo.pngSince 1992, 1st Global’s business
has been to aimed towards CPA firms. In fact, they empower CPAs to honor the promises they have made to their clients through wealth management capabilities.

The firm has been a growth consultant to renowned CPA firms. They further support CPAs in areas such as academic research, best practices, and financial planning.

The Goal

1st Global wanted to create an effective prospecting program. The aim of the program was to direct disciplined marketing campaigns on behalf of affiliated clients consisting of over 400 CPAs.

WealthEngine’s Solution


The firm leveraged WealthEngine’s demographic, wealth and lifestyle data to create targeted prospecting lists. These lists were then used by their affiliated firms to empower their market research. CPA firms were in turn, able to benefit from this to create efficient campaigns.

What 1st Global Had to Say

“WealthEngine allows us to go beyond surface-level assumptions on wealth — we let the numbers show us who to target. ”

– Kristina Manser, Marketing and Brand Consultant

The Result

email marketing best practices

By using more than zip codes and real estate, they were able to uncover latent prospects with higher likelihoods of becoming wealth management clients.

As a result,  1st Global’s clients saw that direct marketing response rates went up 2-5% to 7-10%. This is a 2.5X increase in comparison to their typical rate.

Christian Brothers High School

CBHS logo.png

The Challenge
The school began their silent phase of a $25 million capital campaign in November of 2014. The goal was to raise the bulk of this money before moving into the public phase.

It became clear to the development team that there was a gap in insights about donor potential among their alumni base. They had a strong network of alumni that intentionally chose to keep in touch and be active supporters, but with over 10k living alumni, they knew there was untapped donor potential outside of this mostly local alumni group. The challenge was identifying those individuals who had the capacity to give large amounts and understand more about them to be able to effectively reconnect and cultivate each as a major gift prospects.

The Solution
When Ken Kimble, the Director of the Capital Campaign and Foundations at CBHS came onboard, he suggested that they run a donor screening on their alumni network, and soon after involved WealthEngine for help with this data enrichment project.

They performed WE Screen by securely uploading their alumni file and received the appended results directly in their WealthEngine Platform. The team used the Propensity to Give (P2G) and the gift capacity range scores to segment their alumni base for major donor cultivation. They then used WE Search to gain deeper insight on their top prospects.

Once the screening was run and they began segmenting, they immediately identified an out of town alum that was worth $50 million+ who they initially knew nothing about. With the help of the WealthEngine Platform, they began to gain deeper insight into this new major gift prospect. Within the year, they successfully secured a seven-figure gift to the campaign from this individual.

Since running wealth screenings, they continued to see great success resulting in:

  • Eight seven-figure cash gifts raised
  • $16 million in donation commitments
  • $4.5 million in planned giving commitments

These gifts helped to build a new science building, renovate their dining hall with a full meal service plan, build a
new $10 million athletic facility, and contribute $2.5 million towards an endowment fund for faculty development.

Next Steps
Ken and his team are in the WealthEngine Platform every day, and have since run three wealth screenings on their
alumni base over the years. Each time they run a screening they identify new major gift prospects that they were
previously unaware of from a capacity standpoint.

With their next upcoming screening, they are also turning to WealthEngine to help with a data supplementation and
cleaning project to track down alumni who might have moved and who they aren’t currently engaging with. CBHS
had done their due diligence and considered other vendors to help with this cleanup project, but ultimately decided
that WealthEngine was the best partner to trust with their data.

With each data project, CBHS works with WealthEngine as they continue to improve the quality and accuracy of
their alumni database. From these screenings, it has since been shown that there is a deep donor pool that Ken says
“could easily set up the school for funding over the next 50+ years.”

Ken is a loyal customer that truly sees the value in wealth intelligence and goes on to say that “the platform goes
beyond just paying for itself, compared to the potential you have in raising funds, you’re crazy not to use these data

Houston Grand Opera


When the Houston Grand Opera’s season commences this fall with a new production of Madame Butterfly, Larissa Potiomkin will have her prospect pipeline stocked and ready for its own debut. As Manager of Development Information at the Houston Grand Opera, she is a jack of all development trades; performing prospect research, managing the prospect pipeline and soliciting annual gifts. For Potiomkin, it all comes down to the basics, “prospect research data provides direction on whom to target and at what gift level. It’s as simple as that.”

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Signature Theatre


Signature Theatre is a Tony Award®-winning, nonprofit professional theater company with a mission to produce contemporary musicals and plays, reinvent classic musicals, develop new work, and reach its community through engaging educational and outreach opportunities. Beginning in a garage space in 1993, Signature has swiftly become a landmark theater in the DC Region’s theatre scene, as well as a recognized player among the nation’s regional theatres.

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Roanoke College


Roanoke College has been a client of Datatel for more than 11 years; first using the Benefactor donor management system then upgrading to Colleague Advancement in 2008. At that time, Datatel and WealthEngine partnered to integrate WealthEngine screening data into Colleague Advancement which has since created a seamless integration and batch screening process that Roanoke can employ completely within their donor management system.

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Stevenson University

Stevenson University, Maryland’s third largest independent university is renowned for its unique blend of liberal arts and career preparation. Located in Stevenson, Maryland, the University has substantially increased enrollment of its student body and alumni in the past decade. Founded in 1947 as Villa Julie College, the University’s Board of Trustees voted to change the name to Stevenson University after three years of intensive research in June of 2008. In addition, the University completed a restructuring plan with the goal of creating six new schools. With a current enrollment of 3,900 undergraduate and graduate students, Stevenson prides itself with its historically high job/graduate-school placement rates.

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Trinity University


Trinity University is one of the nation’s leading private, liberal arts universities, with 2,600 students on its San Antonio, Texas campus. Clint Shipp, Ph.D., the Senior Director at Trinity, was brought on board to formalize projects and processes as a capital campaign was contemplated. “As a prelude to a feasibility study, we wanted to further analyze our database to gain a thorough understanding of our constituents’ ability and propensity to give,” says Shipp.

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