4 Elements to Include in Your Capital Campaign Thank You Letter

4 Elements to Include in Your Capital Campaign Thank You Letter

August 26, 2019

As you collect gifts to meet your capital campaign goal, it’s integral to express your gratitude for your donors. The best way to do this in your fundraising strategy is by writing thank you letters to your donors. Not only will their contributions enable you to reach your goals now, but if you nurture those relationships, they’ll help you reach your future goals as well. Let’s explore the 4 necessary elements to integrate into your capital campaign thank you letters


No matter where your donors fall on the donor pyramid, it’s important to personalize your outreach when giving thanks. A hyper-personalized capital campaign thank you letter creates a solid foundation for you to cultivate and nurture relationships with donors. When thanking your donors, it’s important to express gratitude in individualized ways. By honing in on an individual donor’s contribution, you are expressing to them that their actions, specifically, are inciting great change. 

This is an opportunity for you to show your donors that not only do their values align with your organization’s, but they are amplifying your goal. Naming and acknowledging what your donors do shows them that they are an integral part of your success now and in the future. 


The primary goal of your capital campaign thank you letter an opportunity to express your gratitude. The secondary goal is to discuss successes you’ve reached because of your donors. This can be done through storytelling. Not in terms of the vision or mission of your cause, but in terms of case studies. The core of gratitude is an emotional connection. 

So, to engage with your donors through your letters, it’s important to show how your campaign is helping specific individuals and communities. This helps the audience envision who it is they’re helping, in ways that are recognizable and relatable. Not only will these testimonials from community members show how your donors are making a difference now, but it will highlight how your organization is taking actionable steps with the contributions you’re receiving. It will also inspire donors to continue contributing over time.  

Express your gratitude for your donors’ gifts and download our capital campaign thank you letter template!

Creating Messaging with a Topical Spin

Depending on what your campaign goal is, it may be important to create messaging that is tied into current events. Especially if you’re part of an advocacy group, it’s necessary to express your gratitude on a macro level.

Storytelling allows you to thank donors in personalized and individual ways, because you’re forging a connection through a narrative. But, by tying topical issues into your messaging (that may affect more communities than the ones you serve), you’re showing donors that their gifts reach far beyond the campaign goal. 

Not only is the goal influencing a single community, but it’s representative of widespread change. So, in the capital campaign thank you letter, you’re able to highlight how each donor’s actions are helping positively influencing individuals and communities beyond their own. 

Discussing Your Upcoming Events

As is the case with most nonprofit organizations, your messaging should highlight what you will be celebrating next with donors. Yes, they have given and your organization is appreciative of that, but it’s important to continue deepening the relationship. By inviting donors to celebrate campaign milestones or attend events, you’re showing them they are valued members of your community. 

You are also creating opportunities to diversify your shows of appreciation. Since you are able to meet your donors in person through these events, you can express what future projects your organization intends to act on, and gain support in new ways. This also gives you an opportunity to create events that speak to the interests and values of your donors. If they’re invited to an event that they would choose to go (outside the fundraising space), they’re more likely to attend. This all starts with planting that seed in writing, in your capital campaign thank you letters. 

As you can see, capital campaign thank you letters are a great opportunity to forge lasting relationships with donors. Not only can it help you increase your donations for your fundraising campaign, but it’s also an excellent way to combat donor fatigue. These are just a few elements to help you to generate relatable and actionable interactions.

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