WealthEngine at Salesforce Connections Conference

The key to forging lasting connections with your consumers is at your fingertips. At the upcoming Salesforce Connections Conference, follow WealthEngine and other industry leaders as we discuss how you can build better customer connections using the Salesforce Platform.

During the Customer Success Expo on Monday, June 17th, between 5:00 and 5:20 pm, we’ll be detailing the most powerful ways you can increase your sales and improve LTV. We’ll also be discussing how companies use wealth intelligence to identify a customer’s capacity and propensity to spend money.

With the WealthEngine Connector App with Salesforce, we specialize in helping you identify, understand, and connect with wealthy individuals. Our App gives you instant access to wealth and lifestyle insights from half a trillion data points on over 250 million individuals across the U.S. With this tool, you have the ability to improve your conversion rates, increase your deal sizes, and reduce your acquisition costs.

Visit us at booth #74 at the Customer Success Expo or set up an appointment here.

You’re only steps away from uncovering the hidden gems in your database!

Salesforce Connector: Data Appends & Profile Enrichment with One Click

Salesforce Connector

Wouldn’t you like to gain the industry’s most accurate and actionable wealth intelligence on your contacts? And what if you could do this at the push of a button? With WealthEngine’s Salesforce Connector you actually can. The Salesforce Connector is a one-of-a-kind app. It allows users to append wealth data on their contacts with the click of a button.  So, what does this mean for you?

It means that you can rank prospects based on their wealth ratings. Further, you can personalize your engagement. This leads to improved conversion rates and reduced acquisition costs.

Wealth Insights, Delivered Directly to Salesforce

WealthEngine has been a Certified ISV Partner since 2014. WealthEngine’s Salesforce Connector establishes a powerful link between our platform and Salesforce. The connector is then able to provide you with valuable insights. Not only are these insights extensive, but they are also easy to access within Salesforce.

Our app’s seamless integration means you never have to leave the Salesforce environment. In fact, the app will provide insights right within the platform.

For example, WealthEngine’s customer is a large, national nonprofit. The organization saw marked improvement in their prospecting through the app. It had recently migrated its database to Salesforce. The challenge was to make this process seamless. Secondly, the organization did not want its team to spend time learning multiple new platforms.

Enter WealthEngine’s Salesforce Connector app. The app was able to provide them insights right within Salesforce. Moreover, the organization could access WealthEngine insights at two levels. At a summary level, that consolidated information on large segments of donors.  Also at a detailed level, with insights on each customer, donor, or prospect.

The organization can now benefit from and uplift their donor universe. Its team can update up to 100,000 records at a time. Alternately, they can automatically update records by using WealthEngine’s API. So, when a supporter takes action online, the app updates his records in salesforce in real-time. In other words, all this is managed without ever leaving the Salesforce environment.

Marriage of Best-in-Class CRM and Wealth Intelligence

Connecting Salesforce with the WealthEngine platform brings
you direct access to 50+ data elements.  For example, these data points include proprietary wealth scores and ratings.

Thus, the Salesforce Connector supports prospect researchers with new insight and productivity. This can take research and screening efforts to the next level.

In fact, Kori O’Brien, SVP, ISV Sales, Salesforce said, “… companies are looking to transform the way they connect with customers, partners and employees. By leveraging the power of the Salesforce Platform, WealthEngine provides customers with an exciting new way to better engage with their customers and prospects with point and click simplicity.”

Powerful Capabilities of the Salesforce Connector App

With WE Salesforce Connector knowing more about your audience is simple and easy. This means you can:
» Import wealth ratings and scores with a seamless, one-click experience directly in Salesforce.
» Screen a list of records with a click of a button from within a Salesforce
campaign. As a result, gain insights in real-time.
» Automatically append wealth data upon the creation of your records. Thus, you can gain actionable insights on new prospects.
» Find the most qualified prospects by sending new leads to Salesforce straight from WE Search or WE Prospect.
» Choose an option for either light or power users based upon your team’s research needs.

Unleash the Power of Wealth from Within Salesforce

The Salesforce Connector app helps you understand and connect with wealthy prospects. We use data to remove the guesswork from sales, marketing, and fundraising. Thus, you can engage with people most likely to buy, invest, or donate, and you don’t have to waste time on the ones that won’t. Our wealth and lifestyle data provide a more complete view of your donors & prospects. This means you can personalize your engagement efforts and run more effective campaigns.

Our data scientists have worked with thousands of nonprofit clients for more than 20 years. With WealthEngine, you can harness that knowledge along with that of your team’s. You can get actionable insights integrated right into your Salesforce dashboard.

Trusted Partner

We are a Certified ISV Partner with over 500 joint customers with Salesforce. WealthEngine combines 20+ years of wealth knowledge with world-class data science. Moreover, we process large amounts of data to get you insights. These insights and opportunities are unique to your organization.

More than 3,000 companies trust WealthEngine. Our platform runs on the industry’s largest consumer wealth database. We work with over 250 million consumer profiles, each with 1,500 attributes. As a result, our database consists of about half a trillion data points. These data points produce meaningful insights to provide you with robust marketing intelligence.

Learn more about the kind of unique insights WealthEngine can provide. Contact us today.

Get the Salesforce Connector Today

To summarize,  you can take advantage of several benefits stemming from these features:

Find us on the Salesforce AppExchange by searching for WealthEngine Salesforce Connector or contact your sales rep for further assistance.

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Recurring Donors: Why you need them and how to get them

recurring donor

Salesforce and NextAfter hosted a webinar about the benefits of Recurring Donors. These donors can be a source of great value to nonprofits over time.

Recurring Donors vs. One-Time Donors

The 2018 Benchmark Report presented by NextAfter revealed interesting differences between the two groups. Recurring Donors are worth 5.4% more than One-Time Donors over their lifetime. In fact, in a single year, Recurring Donors give 42% more than One-Time donors. The longer the measurement period, the greater the gap in donations between them.

Your Recurring Donors are most likely those that donate monthly. Some organizations call them members as regular contributions are like a subscription.

Recurring Donors are more likely to stay engaged with you beyond their first year. This means you can expect to build a long-term relationship with them.

Why You Should Invest in Acquiring and Converting Recurring Donors

LTV is the most important metric in fundraising. Yet, it can be overshadowed by the value of a single donation.

According to NextAfter, LTV = amount given x time they keep giving

Development teams dedicate fewer resources to Recurring Donors. This is in spite of the fact that they generate a higher LTV.  The long-term relationship with a Recurring Donor makes planning and forecasting more predictable. Thus, your investment towards Recurring Donors should match the value generated by them.

More Recurring Donors in your database means greater savings. The longevity of their engagement means that you don’t have to keep spending on acquiring new donors. One-Time Donors usually cost more to convert as you have to do it many times over.

Additionally, studies have shown that nonprofits benefit the most from donations in installments. These are more valuable than upfront payments or waiting to accumulate larger sums.

From the donor’s point of view, it can be beneficial in two ways. Firstly, frequent giving lengthens the satisfaction received from the act. Research has shown that higher value contributions don’t always make for greater satisfaction. Secondly, there has been an overtaking of subscription models such as Netflix, Zipcar, etc.  Consumers are used to regular payments going out in smaller installments that seem less burdensome.

This means you can leverage this mutually beneficial arrangement. You can receive predictable payments in installments and provide greater satisfaction in exchange.

What to do Next

WealthEngine solutions help you find Recurring Donors from your database. We understand a person’s capacity to give, as well as propensity and intent. Our Wealth Intelligence comes from wealth data combined with demographics, lifestyle attributes, and affinities. This means you can see what causes your prospects support and how they support them.

WE Analyze can, in fact, help you examine your current Recurring Donors to identify patterns of traits. You can then create a custom model from these patterns. Further, the model helps you find more members using our Look-Alike tool.  This means your existing Recurring Donors can help you find new ones.

How to Acquire or Convert Prospects into Recurring Donors

A Recurring Donor is likely to stay with you if they remain engaged with your organization. The Benchmark Report has found that 38% of nonprofits have the same strategy for Recurring Donors and One-Time Donors. It pays to have a dedicated strategy and dedicated resources for Recurring Donors. Moreover, it is beneficial to have a separate value proposition for Recurring Donors.

You should pair a strong value proposition with a strong CTA (call-to-action). For instance, research has shown that “donate” is the most effective button to have on your website.  Recurring Donors should be able to understand how their contributions make a greater impact on your cause.

NextAfter says that there are other, universal best practices to consider:

  • Optimize your donation form so that it is short
  • Accept several forms of payment
  • Use multiple channels to communicate your message
  • Ask all new donors to become members. The momentum can push them to continue giving
  • Remind existing donors to sign up for a membership. This works even though it may seem counterintuitive

Customize Communication for Recurring Donors

Messaging should be more focused on cultivation rather than solicitation.

WealthEngine solutions can help you with this. We can help you keep existing donors engaged and convert them in real-time through our API. WealthEngine’s API allows you to feature on the spot messaging when a current donor engages with your channel. What’s more, the API integrates with Salesforce. This means you can cultivate Recurring Donors without added investments in technical infrastructure.

Learn More

Learn more about how you can convert your one-time donors into members. Fill the form on the right and a WealthEngine rep will contact you very soon.

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WE at Dreamforce


Our team returned from another successful Dreamforce last week – and what a week it was!

Dreamforce is the user conference hosted by Salesforce in San Francisco every year. It’s also the largest sales and marketing event in the country, with over 150,000 attendees from many of the verticals that we serve. It’s important for us to attend to engage not only with the great people at Salesforce, but also with many of our customers and prospects about our products and services.

We called the Westin St. Francis home for this year’s conference. The Westin housed the nonprofit community and the Salesforce.org sessions. We arrived on Monday and took our place in the Salesforce.org Lodge next to some of our amazing friends and partners in the nonprofit space, such as Cloud For Good, Idealist Consulting, and Classy to name a few. After setting up our booth space and getting the Money Ball ready (more on that later), we were ready for the week to begin.

The conference officially kicked off on Tuesday. It was a day filled with great meetings and talking with customers and prospects at the booth. We also unveiled the aforementioned Money Ball. As you probably know from reading this blog, we believe in helping our customers make better decisions by giving them more information about the wealth of their prospects. We gave customers and prospects the chance to increase their own wealth by pulling bills from our Money Ball. Many fished out $1 bills but some lucky individuals pulled out $5’s, $10’s, $20’s, and even a $50 bill. After rave reviews, we’re excited to keep the Money Ball going at future events.

Tuesday evening was packed with some fun-filled activities. We were graciously hosted by Salesforce in a special event honoring customers of 10+ years. In addition to having a featured product in the App Exchanges, we are also loyal Salesforce customers and have been for many years. The event was hosted at a speakeasy on Market Street and was a great way to start the night. After that party, we closed the evening co-hosting a casino-night party with our partners at Silverline CRM in an effort to engage with our financial customers and prospects.

Wednesday started bright and early – we cohosted a breakfast for the Nonprofit industry with our friends at Appirio. We were able to attend some sessions throughout the day, which were great. This was highlighted by the main event of the conference. In the afternoon, we were lucky enough to get great seats for Marc Benioff’s keynote, where he discussed the trends in the industry and the outstanding direction for Salesforce’s future. Marc’s vision was inspiring, and we’re happy to be a part of it as a customer and partner.

The rest of the day was somewhat normal…if you consider going to see U2 a daily occurrence. They rocked the conference with an amazing show. 

Thursday was a day for us to share with the community. We started by co-hosting another breakfast with Appirio, this time focusing on the Retail industry. After the breakfast, we rushed back to the Westin at 8 am to cheer on our very own JB Rauch as he competed in Salesforce’s Demo Jam – a fun competition where 6 companies have 3 minutes to demo their solution in front of an audience. While we didn’t win the Demo Jam, we were excited to demo our awesome products to the nonprofit community.

JB didn’t have a very long break. At 4 pm, he was back on stage, this time with our partners at the United Way and Sierra Club. They talked about the power of wealth data and how it can be used to drive better fundraising efforts. We were really excited to hear all the great use cases of WealthEngine at the United Way and Sierra Club – they did a wonderful job engaging with the audience and talking about how they use our platforms.

Within the madness of all of our activities, we also managed to launch a new product – On Demand Screening. On Demand Screening is a solution that integrates your online donation process with the WealthEngine platform to instantly screen your online donors as they interact with your site. We feel that it’s an outstanding solution that can help nonprofits from missing opportunities and to better personalize the donor experience.

On Friday, it was time to wrap up. We closed the booth, checked out of our hotels, and headed to the airport to fly back home and to reality – somewhat dreading all the emails that were waiting for us when we got back into the office. 

It was fun. It was exhilarating. It was exhausting. But overall, it was a success of a week. We were happy to talk to current and future customers about the great ways that WealthEngine can help drive success for them. We can’t wait to do it again next year!

WealthEngine at Dreamforce Recap


Last week, our team, along with over 150,000 of Salesforce’s closest friends descended upon San Francisco for Dreamforce 2015.

Our goals for attending Dreamforce were as follows:

  • As a Bronze partner, continue to strengthen our relationship with Salesforce and the Salesforce Foundation.
  • Drive broader awareness of our easy integration with Salesforce through our apps available in the Salesforce AppExchange.
  • Spend time with our customers who use Salesforce and WealthEngine together to understand what we’re doing right and where we can make improvements.
  • Build new relationships with key partners that will help us serve our customers in new, valuable and exciting ways.
  • Get market feedback on our product initiatives and the WealthEngine API.

(Pictured from left to right: Rob Hines, Tony Glowacki, Molly Hall, Kellie Kenny and Nick Poltrack.)

Our team worked hard to make this happen and it felt like no matter where you looked, our WEople were everywhere, from the Foundation Zone to the Expo floor.

Check out the highlights in our WealthEngine at Dreamforce Storify:

Must-Attend Sessions at Dreamforce 2015


Every year, business leaders from around the country convene together at Dreamforce for a week of inspiration and learning to bring actionable tactics back to their teams. This is WealthEngine’s fourth year at Dreamforce and we keep returning every year because we see the value Salesforce brings to the industries we serve. It’s why we’ve decided to partner with Salesforce and invest resources to bring our solution to the AppExchange. We’re also proud of our growing relationship with Salesforce and our inclusion in the Sales Analytics Cloud.

If you aren’t familiar with WealthEngine, we make amazing data incredibly easy to access through Salesforce in two ways: our apps in the Salesforce App Exchange and the Salesforce Analytics Cloud.

Several executives on our leadership team will be at Dreamforce this year and would love to meet you there. You can set a meeting with them or you can plan to connect at one of the sessions during the conference. Here are the must-attend sessions on their radar this year.

Mark Logan, CEO

For nonprofits who have adopted Salesforce and implemented across their teams, Mark recommends this session: Checkpoint: What Does a Nonprofit Look Like One Year After Adopting Salesforce. The natural next step is to work to incorporate wealth scores so fundraising teams can access all of their prospects and up-to-date intelligence around their propensity to give all in one place.

Many wealth managers, from large firms to independent advisors with small teams, leverage WealthEngine to reach their business development goals. For those who are looking to take their business to the next level, Mark suggests attending the session: Supercharge Your Wealth Advisory Teams.

Rob Hines, CRO

Rob recently joined WealthEngine after leading a regional sales team at Salesforce. To really see firsthand the power of how Salesforce and WealthEngine drive large gift amounts, he recommends the session Major Donor Fundraising with Salesforce + WealthEngine, where Marsha Sussman, the Vice President for Fundraising Operations, Analytics and Direct Response for The Jewish Agency for Israel, will share her experience and best practices.

Mike Lees, CMO

Mike knows nonprofits have a lot of apps to choose from and that visiting the app exchange can be overwhelming and exciting at the same time. If you can relate, Mike suggests attending the session AppExchange for Nonprofits: Speed Dating: Hot Apps You’ll Fall in Love With, where you’ll learn about some of the best apps to optimize your fundraising and operations across your team.

John Funge, SVP Product

John is passionate about understanding trends and advances in technology that will shape how and why our customers use data for decision making. That’s why he recommends the session  Vital Trends in Digital/Social Impacting Your Business in 2015 and Beyond.

Also, John plans to attend the Keynote: Precision is the Future of Financial Services, where Salesforce’s GM of Financial Services and Barclays Mortgage’s CEO will share what we can expect to see disrupting the financial services industry and how Salesforce will play a part in this revolution.

If you are attending Dreamforce, we hope to see you there. You can find us at the Foundation Zone and on the Expo floor at booth N2003. If you’d like to set a meeting with someone from our product, marketing or executive teams, you can do that too. Bookmark our WealthEngine Dreamforce microsite for easy reference.

How many charitable young millionaires, age 18-32, live in Austin, Texas? Tell Us and You Could Win an Amazon Echo at DreamForce


Are you going to Dreamforce?

Our team is looking forward to meeting you there, you can find us in the exhibit hall and the Foundation Zone. We can’t wait to show you the recent features we’ve added along with our options for integrating WealthEngine into Salesforce.

Have you seen WE Prospect yet?

WE Prospect helps you find, understand and contact wealthy prospects. More than what mere list providers give you, it can also help you drill down to find exactly who you’re looking for when it comes to micro-campaigns. And that’s what our weekly contests are all about, giving you the opportunity to try WE Prospect for a very specific audience profile while giving you the opportunity to win one of the most talked about devices.

Speaking of winning…

Want to win an Amazon Echo?

You’ll have three opportunities to win as we count down to Dreamforce. Jennifer in San Francisco won the first week’s contest.  Here’s a screengrab of the attributes selected to come to the correct answer:

WE Prospect Selects

Here’s how it works…every week we’ll provide a very specific audience profile, inspired by our own customers. Your mission? Provide your best guess of how many prospects in our data base fit the specific profile. You can go with your gut instincts or you can use our data-driven marketing tool, WE Prospect,  to drill down.

To enter, submit your best guess for:

How many charitable young millionaires, age 18-32, live in Austin, Texas?

Submitting your entry is easy. Just fill out this form with your answer and the person with the correct answer wins. If there is more than one correct answer, the person first person to submit wins. Winners will be notified via email before Dreamforce and can pick up their prize at our booth.
* Must enter by September 7th

Not going to Dreamforce? Everyone  who enters the contest is also entered to win a drawing for a $1,000 credit toward WE Prospect, whether they’ll be attending Dreamforce or not.

Know How Many Newlywed Millionaire Women You Can Reach in NYC and You Could Win an Amazon Echo at DreamForce


Are you going to Dreamforce?

We’ll be there and we can’t wait to meet you, whether it’s connecting in the Exhibit Hall or when we demonstrate our wealth intelligence solution  in the Foundation Zone.

Whether you’re new to WealthEngine or you’ve been using our FindWealth platform for years, you probably haven’t fully experienced one of our newest members of the WE family – WE Prospect.

WE Prospect helps you find, understand and contact wealthy prospects and even find those elusive “millionaires next door” that list providers often miss.

Want to win an Amazon Echo?

You’ll have three opportunities to win as we count down to Dreamforce. Every week we’ll provide a very specific audience profile, inspired by our own customers. Your mission? Provide your best guess of how many prospects in our data base fit the specific profile. You can go with your gut instincts or you can use our data-driven marketing tool, WE Prospect to drill down.

To enter, submit your best guess for:

How many New York City Metro area women between the ages of 28-52 with household net worth over $1M are newlyweds?

Submitting your entry is easy. Just fill out this form with your answer and the person with the correct answer wins. If there is more than one correct answer, the person first person to submit wins. Winners will be notified via email before Dreamforce and can pick up their prize at our booth.
* Must enter by September 2nd

Not going to Dreamforce? Everyone who enters the contest is also entered to win a drawing for a $1,000 credit toward WE Prospect, whether they’ll be attending Dreamforce or not.

Data at Your Fingertips: WealthEngine in the Salesforce Analytics Cloud Playground


As marketers, data is at the forefront of everything WealthEngine does. And it’s becoming more complex each day. There are three main considerations to using data: access, insights and influence.

Where can you access the most insightful, actionable data using your Salesforce platform? How can you use that real-time access to drive business decisions and influence conversion?

The Salesforce Analytics Cloud is designed for the data revolution, making it easier than ever for anyone to explore data and take action instantly from any device. Right now, Salesforce is offering a free playground version so everyone is able to see, firsthand, the power of the Analytics Cloud.

We’re also thrilled about Salesforce’s announcement today that new sample data sets from its leading  information partners—Acxiom, Dun & Bradstreet, and WealthEngine—are now also available to be explored in the playground.

This integration brings the data points we use for our own modeling and analytics solutions we provide for our clients right inside Salesforce so you can slice and dice however you see fit right in your dashboard.

The Analytics Cloud gives you the ability to ask ad-hoc questions as you explore your data in real-time. For example, you can track trends for specific demographics or  determine the wealth and buying behavior of your best customers.

WE recognizes that the Analytics Cloud Playground is a powerful Salesforce tool.  You can marry data from WealthEngine and other sources along with your own, in many different formats, to gain insights, segment, and build strategies to engage and influence in more effective and efficient ways.

Are you ready for a play date? The Salesforce Analytics Cloud Playground is open.

Learn more about WealthEngine’s data intelligence solutions and how we can help you develop your audience and focus your funnel.