API Integration: Make Your CRM go the Extra Mile with Wealth Intelligence

API integration

Would you ignore a potential convenience if you had the option? Probably not, right? If you’re someone who lives on your CRM during most of your workday, then reading this will make your life easier. API integration is a convenient and secure way to add wealth intelligence to your database.

Doing this allows you to gain insights instantly within your CRM. Additionally, APIs can provide real-time insights on your contacts as soon as they come into contact with one of your channels.

Let’s begin with the basics before we continue exploring benefits and use cases.

What is API Integration?

API stands for Application Programming Interface. Think of a mobile or web application like Gmail, Twitter, or Facebook. These applications are powered by data, so you need a way to get data to and from the app. There needs to be an automated way to communicate with a database.

Simply put, API is a mechanism for one computer to consume the services
provided by another computer in a structured format. Further, an Integration is some functionality built using APIs between your wealth analytics provider’s platform and the CRM platform you use.

Top 3 Benefits of API Integration

1. Omnichannel Integration: APIs can integrate wealth data and analytics into any website, app, or system. This means that you can gain wealth insights on any digital channel, not just your website. For example, your e-commerce app can deliver a personalized experience to each customer based on their wealth and lifestyle data.

As a result, engagement would increase, thereby improving customer lifetime value.

Similarly, if you’re a nonprofit, you can imagine how seamless this would be:

2. Real-time Updates: A wealth intelligence API integration can instantly screen prospects so you can take immediate action. This means when a new customer or donor engages with your website, you can find out more about them instantly. Your insights engine can provide wealth and financial capacity insights into transactions in real-time. Therefore, knowing more about them allows you to begin nurturing them right away.

For instance, a WealthEngine client acquired about 6,000 new donors through a campaign and screened them using their WealthEngine integration. They found that about 10% of those individuals had a net worth over $1 million, which they have since passed to their major gift team to cultivate major relationships.

3. Enhance Your CRM: Import wealth data directly into your CRM or sales platform. This will allow your marketing or advancement team to spend more time focused on reaching the right prospects instead of switching back and forth between several platforms. It reduces the need for tasks like exporting files and uploading them into your platform of choice. This way you can make your CRM go the extra mile.

What WealthEngine’s API can do For You

WealthEngine offers sophisticated and secure API integrations that enhance your CRM with actionable wealth insights. Further, they can provide instant insights into your contacts on a variety of platforms.

Here are three ways in which you can use the API to integrate wealth intelligence:

1. Web Connect: This feature allows you to open a window on the WealthEngine platform so that you can review details on a desired profile.

reading a wealthengine profile
2. Prospect Link:  This feature allows you to request wealth profiles to review names and addresses.
3. Batch Import:  Request wealth profiles to review a list of names within large batch files.

Integrations We Offer:

Key API Integrations

How API Integration can Enhance Your Day-to-Day

You can benefit from the API’s ability to provide holistic, real-time intelligence in many ways, such as:

  • Websites, event registrations, digital campaigns, and online transactions: API integration can provide rich insights on anyone who engages with your digital channels. This way you can refine your personalization strategy over time. WealthEngine can provide further insights through reports that show views and click-through-rates weekly.

  • Email and newsletter registrations: Screen your list of subscribers to better understand their interests. This allows you to serve more personalized content. Furthermore, WealthEngine’s integration can offer you open and click rates thereby giving you quantified insights on your newsletter’s performance.

  • Automate screening processes: Your CRM can become more efficient through API integration. Gain wealth intelligence at the click of a button within your CRM platform. An informative wealth dashboard helps you see macro patterns in your database to ensure that you always stay updated.

Other use cases for API Integration

In addition to integration to measure digital activities, consider gaining actionable insights on other activities such as call center routing and direct mail.

Propel Your Prospecting Through API Today

Find out how WealthEngine’s API integration can boost your prospecting by offering unparalleled personalization.

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Salesforce Connector: Data Appends & Profile Enrichment with One Click

Salesforce Connector

Wouldn’t you like to gain the industry’s most accurate and actionable wealth intelligence on your contacts? And what if you could do this at the push of a button? With WealthEngine’s Salesforce Connector you actually can. The Salesforce Connector is a one-of-a-kind app. It allows users to append wealth data on their contacts with the click of a button.  So, what does this mean for you?

It means that you can rank prospects based on their wealth ratings. Further, you can personalize your engagement. This leads to improved conversion rates and reduced acquisition costs.

Wealth Insights, Delivered Directly to Salesforce

WealthEngine has been a Certified ISV Partner since 2014. WealthEngine’s Salesforce Connector establishes a powerful link between our platform and Salesforce. The connector is then able to provide you with valuable insights. Not only are these insights extensive, but they are also easy to access within Salesforce.

Our app’s seamless integration means you never have to leave the Salesforce environment. In fact, the app will provide insights right within the platform.

For example, WealthEngine’s customer is a large, national nonprofit. The organization saw marked improvement in their prospecting through the app. It had recently migrated its database to Salesforce. The challenge was to make this process seamless. Secondly, the organization did not want its team to spend time learning multiple new platforms.

Enter WealthEngine’s Salesforce Connector app. The app was able to provide them insights right within Salesforce. Moreover, the organization could access WealthEngine insights at two levels. At a summary level, that consolidated information on large segments of donors.  Also at a detailed level, with insights on each customer, donor, or prospect.

The organization can now benefit from and uplift their donor universe. Its team can update up to 100,000 records at a time. Alternately, they can automatically update records by using WealthEngine’s API. So, when a supporter takes action online, the app updates his records in salesforce in real-time. In other words, all this is managed without ever leaving the Salesforce environment.

Marriage of Best-in-Class CRM and Wealth Intelligence

Connecting Salesforce with the WealthEngine platform brings
you direct access to 50+ data elements.  For example, these data points include proprietary wealth scores and ratings.

Thus, the Salesforce Connector supports prospect researchers with new insight and productivity. This can take research and screening efforts to the next level.

In fact, Kori O’Brien, SVP, ISV Sales, Salesforce said, “… companies are looking to transform the way they connect with customers, partners and employees. By leveraging the power of the Salesforce Platform, WealthEngine provides customers with an exciting new way to better engage with their customers and prospects with point and click simplicity.”

Powerful Capabilities of the Salesforce Connector App

With WE Salesforce Connector knowing more about your audience is simple and easy. This means you can:
» Import wealth ratings and scores with a seamless, one-click experience directly in Salesforce.
» Screen a list of records with a click of a button from within a Salesforce
campaign. As a result, gain insights in real-time.
» Automatically append wealth data upon the creation of your records. Thus, you can gain actionable insights on new prospects.
» Find the most qualified prospects by sending new leads to Salesforce straight from WE Search or WE Prospect.
» Choose an option for either light or power users based upon your team’s research needs.

Unleash the Power of Wealth from Within Salesforce

The Salesforce Connector app helps you understand and connect with wealthy prospects. We use data to remove the guesswork from sales, marketing, and fundraising. Thus, you can engage with people most likely to buy, invest, or donate, and you don’t have to waste time on the ones that won’t. Our wealth and lifestyle data provide a more complete view of your donors & prospects. This means you can personalize your engagement efforts and run more effective campaigns.

Our data scientists have worked with thousands of nonprofit clients for more than 20 years. With WealthEngine, you can harness that knowledge along with that of your team’s. You can get actionable insights integrated right into your Salesforce dashboard.

Trusted Partner

We are a Certified ISV Partner with over 500 joint customers with Salesforce. WealthEngine combines 20+ years of wealth knowledge with world-class data science. Moreover, we process large amounts of data to get you insights. These insights and opportunities are unique to your organization.

More than 3,000 companies trust WealthEngine. Our platform runs on the industry’s largest consumer wealth database. We work with over 250 million consumer profiles, each with 1,500 attributes. As a result, our database consists of about half a trillion data points. These data points produce meaningful insights to provide you with robust marketing intelligence.

Learn more about the kind of unique insights WealthEngine can provide. Contact us today.

Get the Salesforce Connector Today

To summarize,  you can take advantage of several benefits stemming from these features:

Find us on the Salesforce AppExchange by searching for WealthEngine Salesforce Connector or contact your sales rep for further assistance.

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WealthEngine Integrated into Your CRM


WealthEngine has you covered.

With over 35 integrations and counting, WE makes it easy to add wealth intelligence to your business processes. WE is integrated with leading providers like Salesforce and Ellucian, and is compatible with Blackbaud’s RaisersEdge. So you get all of our wealth data, profiles and scores and ratings, and you can import it into your records from within your own DMS or CRM system.

Is your DMS or CRM listed below? Contact us today to see how WE can integrate our rich wealth and lifestyle data directly in to your system. Don’t see yours? Check our partner directory for a comprehensive list of all our valued partners. 

Elegant and Simple: 5 Benefits of Integrating Wealth Data into Your Processes

Blog Integration.png

WealthEngine solutions provide rich wealth and lifestyle insights to help you understand your current donors or customers and prospects better. Our rich data can help you personalize your outreach and improve your sales, marketing, and fundraising efficiency.

Here are 5 benefits of integrating our wealth and lifestyle insights into your everyday processes.

  • Help your entire department understand your existing customers or donors better. Wouldn’t it be nice to better understand your audience at a glance with a 360 degree view of their wealth, lifestyle, demographics, and contact information?
  • Maximize the effectiveness of your outreach efforts by targeting the right people with the right products or asks. Our solutions help you segment our those who have the greatest capacity and propensity to spend or give at your company or organization.
  • See deeper insights into what makes your audience tick. This will allow you to personalize your messaging ensuring your communications are resonating with the audience and increasing the effectiveness of your outreach.
  • Leverage reporting and tracking metrics for a more accurate and complete review of your efforts. This will satisfy leadership and help identify a significant increase in ROI.
  • Create wide spread buy-in into the effectiveness of using wealth intelligence to improve your sales, marketing, or fundraising efforts. Our rich data provides what you need to confidently and effectively segment prospects and personalize outreach. This will increase the efficiency of the department and streamline your processes to help you build pipeline and close deals or gifts quicker.

Take advantage of these simple solutions to drive sales or donations in 2018. Why continue doing the same things over and over expecting a different result? Instead, take this opportunity for a fresh start and a renewed approach to fundraising, sales, and marketing success. Contact us today to learn more.


Top 3 Missed Opportunities to Utilize Wealth Screening for Advancement


When preparing for a campaign, colleges and university advancement teams have a large number of prospects available to them including alumni, the parents of incoming students, etc. Conducting a wealth screening provides you with data and insights on these prospects that can, and should, be used in your campaign planning. All of this data, however, can become overwhelming and underutilized, resulting in missed opportunities.

Join WealthEngine and Heller Consulting on Tuesday, July 18th at 2:00PM ET for our webinar Top 3 Missed Opportunities to Utilize Wealth Screening for Advancement. We’ll discuss strategies you may not have thought of that can only benefit you and your campaign including:

  • Using your wealth screening to its fullest potential
  • Proper campaign planning so you get started on the right track
  • Ensuring your screening information is integrated into your CRM/DMS
  • How you can quickly take action to maximize opportunities
  • And more!

Register now for Top 3 Missed Opportunities to Utilize Wealth Screening for Advancement.

Best Practices for Integrating with an API


The digital world is growing at an astounding rate, giving companies access to data and content that can be utilized across multiple channels within their engagement and marketing strategies. The connection that allows all of these data transfers to happen instantaneously are APIs (Application Programming Interface).

Since the world of APIs is new for a lot of businesses, WE decided to reach out to some industry experts and solicit their feedback for best practices and tips for evaluating and integrating with APIs. We have compiled the responses into a comprehensive eBook – Advice from the Experts: Best Practices for Integrating with an API.

In our new eBook you will find the answers to the following:

  1. Why are APIs useful?
  2. What factors should you discuss internally when deciding to integrate with an API and evaluating providers?
  3. What tips do you have for diving in an integrating with an API?
  4. What best practices do you have for quality testing your integration with an API?
  5. What process efficiencies have you found since integrating with an API?

To get the answer to these questions and to explore some practical API use cases and benefits, download a free copy of the eBook today.

Have you or your company integrated with an API before? If so, let us know in the comments section below what obstacles you encountered and how you overcame them and what other tips you might have for those looking to navigate the process for the first time. 

Four Clear Benefits of Data Integration


There are two ways to build a stronger fundraising program: understanding your donors better and identifying new prospects. Integrating wealth data into your donor management system (DMS) or customer relationship management (CRM) system can help you achieve both, and is the key to enhancing data-driven workflows and data access. Data integration gives team members across your organization more insight on your donors and prospects.

One of the keys to making data useful and actionable is to be sure it’s available and accessible in a central location, and that it integrates with other data sources within your organization. This is one of the principals behind the "data warehouse." Most nonprofits don’t have enough unique data sources to need a warehouse to house their data, but the idea of ensuring that all useful data is accessible is certainly one that all nonprofits can relate to. These are four ways that data integration can benefit your organization:

Having all data in one place allows the user to get a 360-degree view of the constituent. 
Having giving history, event attendance, wealth data, and behavioral data such as arts affinity, green living, or dog lover flags, allows multiple users to get a complete picture of the prospect and determine the best strategies for appeals, cultivation and stewardship.

Having access to many data points allows for effective and efficient segmentation of the data into actionable solicitation groups. 
Major Giving potential may be informed by gift history, giving capacity, relationship and affinity indicators. Annual giving may be segmented by capacity, gift history and interest area.  A segment appropriate to receive a planned gift mailing may be determined by age, affinity factors and giving longevity. Having a full complement of data points on which to segment and personalize messaging creates relationships that result in support.

Having wealth data housed within the DMS or CRM allows staff to use data to make informed decisions.
In the realm of major giving, staff can make decisions regarding which prospects should be prioritized into major gift portfolios and who should be removed from active management. Data integration can also help staff define appropriate ask amounts. Having a pool of wealth-rated prospects in the DMS creates a pipeline of potential givers for current and future cultivation.

Having ratings, scores and attributes housed within the primary database or DMS allows the entire organization to leverage the data
While many organizations purchase data enhancement and analytics to benefit their major giving programs, those who integrate the data quickly learn that annual giving, planned giving, special events, marketing, alumni affairs and others in the organization can leverage the purchase, making it even more cost effective and producing greater returns.

The technology of your DMS can be very different from your CRM system, but with scalable, real-time integration, you can make these systems talk to each other and ultimately work more efficiently. With over 35 integrations (and counting) with leading providers like Salesforce, WE can integrate our data into all major DMS and CRM systems so you won’t have to choose one or the other. To learn more about integrated fundraising solutions, watch our webinar with our partner CharityEngine