Rich in Love: Finding Wealthy Singles

They’re single and ready to mingle! Introducing our breakdown of the United State’s most eligible, wealthy singles. Learn all about their interests, where they live, what they do, and much more. With WealthEngine’s wealth and lifestyle insights, you can easily search, screen, model, score, and segment to connect and engage with the best prospective donors and customers.

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Know Your Customer: LA & NY Millionaires

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Nonprofits looking for their next best donor or luxury goods retailers and service providers looking for their next best customer need not only to know their prospects but also to understand what drives them. Personalization is more than the new marketing buzzword. With millionaires becoming more discerning in their preferences, marketers need to ensure that communication and customer experience is tailored to each customer.

Greater personalization means greater relevance, which leads to better engagement, higher conversions and subsequently lowered acquisition costs. All this enabled through high-quality data.

Know your millionaire

Wealth data matters. Financial services organizations, wealth managers and advisors can effectively target prospects if they have wealth data coupled with lifestyle attributes. Similarly, luxury retailers have long benefitted from Account Based Marketing (ABM) and curated experiences based on customer lifestyle data. On the other hand, nonprofits can also benefit greatly from knowing the wealth and the affinities of their potential prospects.

Not all millionaires are created equal. They differ greatly, from age to family size, professions, the types of cars they drive, and in their lifestyles and affinities. For organizations looking to communicate with millionaires in the greater Los Angeles and New York areas, we’ve dug deeper for you!

Our regional millionaire infographics paint a picture of what makes LA millionaires different from ones in NY.

The 2018 U.S. Open

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With the U.S. Open teeing off, we used the WealthEngine platform to take a look at wealthy golf fans in the New York area and see what they have in common. In less than a minute, we analyzed this group and put together a complete picture of who these wealthy gold fans are. Fueled with these actionable insights, imagine the highly personalized campaigns you could run. Take a look at the infographic below and see how we can help you unleash the power of wealth.

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Wealthy Singles in the United States: How do Millennials Stand Out?

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Happy Valentine’s Day from WealthEngine. Who are America’s most eligible bachelors and bachelorettes? How do the young wealthy singles differ from the older ones?

Curious how we found and analyzed this list? We started by creating a list in WE Prospect of single men and women in the US with a net worth greater than $5MM. Then we used WE Analyze, our predictive lead scoring and analysis platform, to visually see the composition of the singles. The best part? We got all of this information within minutes.

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WealthEngine Integrated into Your CRM


WealthEngine has you covered.

With over 35 integrations and counting, WE makes it easy to add wealth intelligence to your business processes. WE is integrated with leading providers like Salesforce and Ellucian, and is compatible with Blackbaud’s RaisersEdge. So you get all of our wealth data, profiles and scores and ratings, and you can import it into your records from within your own DMS or CRM system.

Is your DMS or CRM listed below? Contact us today to see how WE can integrate our rich wealth and lifestyle data directly in to your system. Don’t see yours? Check our partner directory for a comprehensive list of all our valued partners. 

Who are the Forbes 400 Billionaires?


Of course they’re all wealthy but what else separates these billionaires from everyone else? 

We took a look at the top billionaires in the country to see what their interests are, how many properties they have, who they donate to, and what their demographics look like. We also analyzed how these billionaires differ by age. How do the youngest stack up against the oldest? What makes each age group tick?

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Who are the NFL Fans? We’ll tell you.


Football season is in full swing, and teams are in competition yet again on the road to Minneapolis on February 4th. There’s volumes of data on the players, but what about the fans?

We’ve analyzed the 32 towns to see who drives what car, who owns a business and where the millionaires are. Do wealthy towns have winning teams? Check our stats below to see how your team and town stack up.

How does WealthEngine do this? With great data and cutting edge analytics. We can find football fans, car enthusiasts, millionaires and spenders. We do it every day for our over 3,000 customers. To learn how WealthEngine can help your company, request to be contacted here.

A Tale of Two Marketing Timelines – Infographic


To set yourself apart from your competitors, it’s important to personalize your marketing through both online and offline channels. WealthEngine provides you with powerful wealth data in real-time, giving you the ability to customize the buying experience for your customers when they are actively engaging with your company and build the most effective omni-channel marketing program possible.

Take a look at the infographic below to see a timeline of what your marketing process might look like using WealthEngine vs. what the process looks like when you’re left marketing in the dark.

Contact us today to add this essential component to your real-time marketing toolkit to avoid missing opportunities.


The Final Four of Wealthy Individuals


Depending on who you ask, it’s quite possibly one of the best times of the year – the NCAA basketball tournament. In the spirit of the competition we decided to take a look at the wealthy individuals in the city each university in the Final Four is located. Specifically, we looked at the number of men and women with a net worth greater than $1MM. How did the cities stack up? Take a look at the infographic below.

Try our free trial of WE Prospect to see how your team’s city compares to the Final Four.