Best Practices for Integrating with an API

Best Practices for Integrating with an API

January 24, 2017

The digital world is growing at an astounding rate, giving companies access to data and content that can be utilized across multiple channels within their engagement and marketing strategies. The connection that allows all of these data transfers to happen instantaneously are APIs (Application Programming Interface).

Since the world of APIs is new for a lot of businesses, WE decided to reach out to some industry experts and solicit their feedback for best practices and tips for evaluating and integrating with APIs. We have compiled the responses into a comprehensive eBook – Advice from the Experts: Best Practices for Integrating with an API.

In our new eBook you will find the answers to the following:

  1. Why are APIs useful?
  2. What factors should you discuss internally when deciding to integrate with an API and evaluating providers?
  3. What tips do you have for diving in an integrating with an API?
  4. What best practices do you have for quality testing your integration with an API?
  5. What process efficiencies have you found since integrating with an API?

To get the answer to these questions and to explore some practical API use cases and benefits, download a free copy of the eBook today.

Have you or your company integrated with an API before? If so, let us know in the comments section below what obstacles you encountered and how you overcame them and what other tips you might have for those looking to navigate the process for the first time. 

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