WealthEngine knows nonprofit organizations face a unique challenge when it comes to fundraising among both existing and potential donors. Building awareness for a specific cause is vital in order to inspire people to give generously and lend support.

Our Platform

To build awareness within your audience, WealthEngine has created (aware)WE to power wealth-aware campaigns within existing and potential donor bases. With (aware)WE, nonprofits will be able to take advantage of our end-to-end platform and more than 250 million pre-compiled WE Profiles. Our nonprofit product is designed to facilitate cross-department collaboration, making it highly efficient for your organization to drive your fundraising goals and achieve your mission. Search, screen, prospect, analyze, and model against our WE Profiles to discover and understand your next best donor.


Data becomes actionable through our intuitive, nationwide search with in-depth, pre-compiled WE Profiles and advanced research capabilities. Accurately and quickly identify potential donors to optimize your time when it comes to searching for your next best donor.


Your data combined with ours provides a more robust picture of your existing donors. Find the hidden potential within your database when you combine our wealth and lifestyle dats with what you already know to illuminate underperformers quickly and accurately.


Build ultra-segmented audiences of potential donors who are most likely to connect with your cause based on specific living, giving, and saving attributes. From there you can build rich, wealth-aware campaigns to cultivate awareness with those most likely to engage.


Analyze the patterns within your audience and uncover actionable insights through our predictive lead scoring platform. Compare trends of those who give with others who have the capacity to find both major gift donors as well as those who can give more to your initiative.


Apply advanced data science to create a picture of your ideal donor, and then use that model to find potential donors who “look” like your best. Quickly score a new list to see how similar they are to your best donor based on attributes you determine.

Find your next major donor and the untapped potential hiding in your existing database.

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Quickly access donor information in the context of an online transaction, plus use the API to consistently enrich your data to improve your campaign efforts.

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Effective integrations with systems of record, other data providers, marketing systems and more make our solution simple and easy to use. Our goal is to bring wealth intelligence into your environment seamlessly.

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Our experienced team ensures you can turn wealth intelligence into a competitive advantage by assisting in deploying processes and strategies to maximize WealthEngine.


With WE Learn, training is available 24/7 online, plus we offer 1:1 live training to ensure you and your team are getting the most out of WealthEngine.