Organizations Investing in Business Intelligence Will Out-Compete Others for Funding from Public and Private Investors


Over the past several years, Big Data, Data Analytics and Data Visualization have become some of the noisiest buzzwords in the nonprofit lexicon.   Data, analytics, and reporting together form the basis of business intelligence, and while many nonprofits are developing core competencies in one or the other of these key functions, it takes a true organization-wide commitment and approach to achieve the benefits of BI and data-driven decision making.

This year promises to be the year that many of the Business Intelligence puzzle pieces come together for nonprofits, as

  • new kinds of data including demographic, lifestyle, political, and behavioral become available to supplement existing information, including ever more accurate estimates of wealth and assets;
  • technology providers are seeing the potential in creating cost-effective and user-friendly tools for conducting and utilizing business intelligence in all areas of nonprofit management;
  • pressures from trustees, funders, and donors converge  to demand greater transparency and demonstrable outcomes; and,
  • sophisticated data analytics practitioners from higher education, health care, and national nonprofits are forming business intelligence teams and modeling the potential and value of true BI.

Recent research by WealthEngine shows that there are five distinct stages of nonprofit data maturity, from oblivious, through aware, emerging, and investing to optimizing.  Based on a study of these different levels of maturity, we identified the following five key areas that differentiate those who are practicing data-informed decision making from those who are less data-informed:

  1. Data:  Data informed organizations are more likely to enrich their data with appended data from a variety of sources, including screening data, subscription data, internet sources, analytics, surveys, and others.  78% of optimizing organizations append data regularly, while less than 50% of oblivious organizations enhance their data on a regular basis.
  2. Technical Support:  Optimizing organizations are by far more satisfied with the technical support they receive than are oblivious organizations, with 50% of optimizing being very satisfied, while 50% of oblivious reported being very dissatisfied.
  3. Technical Planning:  62% of Optimizing organizations have a well-crafted technology strategic plan, while 68% of oblivious organizations have no technology strategic plan and have not included technology in any strategic planning.
  4. Reporting:  Mature organizations are more likely to have real-time dashboard reporting, while over 20% of those lowest on the maturity scale indicated they are “too busy to pull reports.”
  5. Analytics: High maturity organizations are much more likely to have an individual or department dedicated to analytics than lower maturity organizations.  In addition, over 60% of optimizing organizations are very satisfied or somewhat satisfied with analytic outputs, while only about 20% of oblivious and emerging organizations feel that way.

With competition for funding heightening, and the demand for efficiency, effectiveness and evidence-based investments in social change ever-increasing, it is incumbent on nonprofits of all types and sizes to develop the infrastructure and skills necessary to develop and leverage business intelligence.  Organizations that are combining their data with analytics and meaningful, impactful reporting to provide decision-support organization-wide will be three steps ahead of the competition.

The Rich & Single: America’s Wealthiest Bachelors & Bachelorettes


In honor of Valentine’s Day, we thought it would be fun to look at America’s richest singles.  Did you know that majority of these bachelor and bachelorettes live in New York, California and Texas?  Or that the most charitable of these singles live in Florida, Connecticut and California?  Click the infographic below to learn more about the wealthiest single men and women.

WealthEngine goes beyond wealth to uncover key characteristics about individuals in the US and UK. Combining wealth, demographics, lifestyle interests, and social behavior, marketers and fundraisers use precision marketing to  find, engage, and influence in a way that matters.

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WealthEngine to Help Customers go “Beyond Wealth” as Demand Grows for Wealth Intelligence and Marketing Services


Announces New Enterprise Investments and Key Additions to Leadership Team

WealthEngine, the leading provider of wealth intelligence and marketing services, announced today plans for the next phase of the company’s evolution with investments in technology and customer care operations, as well as three key leadership appointments.

WealthEngine is working to meet growing demands for wealth intelligence and marketing services in an environment of increased competition in the non-profit and commercial sectors. To meet growing customer needs and expand the value delivered to users, the company plans to invest heavily in major areas of its business, including: upgraded platform technology, expansion of its’ WealthEngine Consulting Services, heightened self-service capabilities, real-time data and analytics, and greater customer support for marketing automation.  Supported by an expansion of its API, the company is also targeting significant growth in its partner network.

To support WealthEngine’s strategy to extend its top position in the industry and exploit emerging trends, the company has added three new executives to fill critical roles:

  • Bobby Yazdani joins as Executive Chairman. In this role, Mr. Yazdani will be responsible for strategic business development and implementation. A former executive with Oracle Corporation, Mr. Yazdani is also founder of Saba Software and an investor in Google, Salesforce, Dropbox and Klout.
  • Peggy Padalino joins as Chief Revenue Officer. In this role, Ms. Padalino will be responsible for sales, professional services and customer care. Having worked in customer service and sales capacities at companies like Avectra, CareerBuilder and Sybase, Ms. Padalino brings more than 20 years of experience to WealthEngine.
  • Mike Lees joins as Chief Marketing Officer. In this role, Mr. Lees will be responsible for positioning WealthEngine as the go-to source for marketers and fundraisers seeking information on the “mass affluent”, HNW and Ultra-HNW demographics. Mr. Lees has led marketing initiatives at companies including Cerebra, webMethods, Software AG and more recently, Intralinks.

“Demands on the resources of the affluent are increasing and traditional approaches for marketing to them are rapidly becoming outdated. Simply knowing a prospects’ net worth is no longer enough, and marketing to a mass group based on demographics and zip code alone is ineffective. Marketers and fundraisers need to know more – they need to go beyond wealth to understand their prospects’ personal interests and passions. We are investing heavily in our technology and operations to evolve our service that helps clients design effective marketing and donor outreach programs,” said Tony Glowacki, CEO & President of WealthEngine. “I am also thrilled to welcome Bobby, Peggy and Mike to the WealthEngine leadership team.  Together, their expertise will allow us to provide our customers in the US and UK with access to highly-effective intelligence tools,” added Mr. Glowacki.

WealthEngine is Going Beyond Wealth. For more information, please visit

About WealthEngine:
WealthEngine™, Inc. is the leading provider of wealth intelligence, including data, analytics, and marketing services to nonprofit organizations, financial services, and luxury brands. Over four thousand clients use WealthEngine’s products and solutions for comprehensive consumer and business insights on individuals, companies and foundations. Headquartered in Bethesda, MD, WealthEngine serves both the United States and the United Kingdom.

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Roto-Rooters and Middle Donors


I’ve long been a big fan of the wit and wisdom of Jeff Schreifels and Richard Perry of the Veritus Group.  Recently, in their Passionate Giving blog they exhorted major gift officers to clean out their clogged middle donor pipelines. Say Jeff and Richard, “So in 2014, if you want to maintain a healthy major gift program, you’re going to need to invest in some good donor plumbing… to get your mid-level donor program flowing freely.” Truer words were never spoken.  But these two worthy fundraising gurus actually glossed over one of the most important tools (other than a Roto-Rooter) to clean out said pipeline: regular data screening of your donors.  They give a nod to it by suggesting you “…conduct a wealth overlay on all your midlevel and major donors to get a better understanding of capacity.”

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